Who buys scrap cars?

Who buys scrap cars?
10th June 20205 min read

There are various reasons why someone might decide to scrap their car. The vehicle may have become irreparable following a major crash. Or it could have been worn down from years of wear and tear, and the cost of patching it up has surpassed the actual value of the car.

Now you may have settled on the decision to scrap the car. Yet who actually provides this service? Who buys scrap cars for cash?

Who pays the most for scrap cars?

In general, the best place you can take your scrap car is to an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF). You might find other rogue traders who may offer a little bit more money for your vehicle, but this could lead to a lot of heartache down the line. The reason: only an ATF is legally allowed to dismantle and recycle vehicles in the UK.

Who buys scrap cars near me?

If you’re curious about people who buy scrap cars in your local area, you’re just a quick search away from finding out. Simply go to Google, type in ‘Who buys scrap vehicles near me’, and it should come up with a number of results in the area.

If you want to get the best value for your scrap car, finding the best local dealer is a significant step. People will often overlook the importance of going local, instead opting for a dealer who’s miles away because they had a fancy looking website. Just keep this in mind: the longer the journey your selected dealer has to make, the more money they will be spending to collect your vehicle. Because of this, they may end up covering those costs by reducing the overall price of your scrap vehicle.

When you find out who buys scrap cars in your area, don’t be scared to get in touch with two or three dealers. Along with seeing who offers the best quote, consider the service they will provide. Who will pick up the vehicle the earliest? Can they deal with any special circumstances, such as missing wheels on your car?

How much can you earn from a scrap car?

Due to how vehicles come in all different shapes and sizes, with different features and materials, it shouldn’t come as a surprise there’s no definitive answer to the question. In general, scrap cars can sell for as little as £100, while others can go for as much as £300.

The quote you receive from an ATF will be largely dependent on the ‘completeness’ of your vehicle. For example, if you started removing parts from the car, this can significantly drop its overall value. You might believe that removing, say, the catalytic converter and selling this separately will pay off in the end, but you’re unlikely to find a legitimate buyer who offers better rates than an ATF.

How much can you earn from a scrap car?

Furthermore, you could remove certain items – such as the wheels – which will seriously impact the ATFs ability to collect your vehicle. Due to the extra time, effort, and specialised equipment required to remove a wheel-less car, you could be faced with additional charges from the dealer. If you don’t inform them about the missing wheels beforehand, you might even end up with a call charge – but the car won’t have moved an inch.

There’s another factor that can come into the earning potential a scrap car: the scrap metal market. The market is one that notoriously fluctuates. The likes of copper, aluminium, and steel all jump up and down in price – often on a day-to-day basis. As a result, the quote you’re offered one day by a dealer could be significantly different the next – whether good or bad.

That’s the thing about the scrap metal market – you cannot predict economic factors and how these will affect the value of metals. Consequently, don’t give it too much thought and hope you end up in a favourable position on the day you decide to scrap the car.

Average scrap prices for the UK's most popular cars

Sell the car privately

If your car is in a salvageable state, it might be worth trying to sell it privately. People won’t often go for cars bound for the scrap yard. However, if it has potential to be fixed up and restored to its original state, it will likely grab some attention.

There are a couple issues selling privately. Firstly, the car could be listed for weeks or even months before you can sell it on. Secondly, there are certain vehicles that are simply undesirable in any state, and nobody will offer more than what a scrap dealer will.

An alternative to selling your scrap car

Have you received a few quotes for your vehicle and realised it’s not worth a lot? Perhaps you simply haven’t found the time to arrange its sale to a local ATF? In these two cases, there is an alternative option to selling your scrap car: you can donate it to charity instead.

There are a number of charities in the UK that will be glad to receive your scrap vehicle. They will come and collect it free of charge, regardless of where you’re located in the UK. The charities will then either sell your old car on the used market or they will scrap it in a responsible manner.

While you don’t receive any money going down this road, you can receive the immense satisfaction of helping worthwhile charities.

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