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When you have an old car that you no longer want, you want to know how much it is worth. Using the scrap car price calculator, you can quickly and easily find the vehicle scrap value and then have your vehicle collected for free.

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How much do you get for scrapping a car in the UK?

How much you get for your old car will depend on many different factors, but by using the car value calculator, you can sell your car, knowing that you are getting the top price. That is because, at, we have the training and experience to get you the highest and most accurate car scrappage value.

How we calculate vehicle scrap value

You might think that a specific make and model of a vehicle will have a set price when it comes to the scrap value for cars, but that is not the case. While some car scrap value estimate prices are available for some of the UK's most popular cars, those prices can vary wildly from yard to yard and even from month to month. The condition of your car, whether it still has all of its most valuable components, the scrap yard that you sell to, and the current real-world price of scrap metal all have to be considered. However, there are ways to ensure that you will always get the highest vehicle scrap value. At, we want you to get paid as much as possible, and our car value calculator is designed with that in mind.

The Network

All of the scrap yards that make up the network is Authorised Treatment Facilities. That means they are dedicated to recycling as much of your car as possible, often hitting the 95% recycling target. That is good news for you because the more your car can be recycled, the more value it has. That means your car scrappage value will always be higher when you sell your old vehicle to one of our partner yards. When you use our car price calculator, you get an accurate quote based on some questions about your vehicle. That quote will include the value of your recyclable car parts, and the result is more money being sent straight to your bank account. Never use a scrap yard that is not an ATF and who will simply process your car and send it to a landfill.

Scrap metal prices

One factor that not many people consider when it comes to scrap car valuation is that scrap metal prices go up and down, depending on demand. In some cities and towns in the UK, those price changes occur very rapidly, so you might get more money for your old car this month than you will next month. That is why you should always use a scrap car calculator that takes those current scrap metal prices into account. Every scrap yard in the network has continuous access to our real-time monitoring system so that every price quoted with our scrap car calculator is based on real-world data. Scrap yards that lack the training and experience of the team will often base their quotes and their prices on what they think they can get away with. Do not settle for anything less than the true scrap value for cars.

Close to you

We have complete UK coverage, so wherever you are in the country, we can buy your car for its highest scrap value and collect it for free as well. We partner with only the best scrap yards around the country, which means that we will give you your car price quote that reflects how close the highest paying yards are from the collection point. We look at the best ways to get you paid more for your old car, whatever your reasons for selling it. If you have a unique vehicle with a high demand for recycled parts, we may base your quote on a scrap yard that is a little further away but who will pay higher prices. Wherever you are in the UK, your quote will always focus on ensuring that you get the car scrap value estimate that anyone else cannot beat.

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Scrap metal and scrap car prices

When scrap metal prices go up and down, it makes sense that professional scrap yards monitor those changes and pay you for the current value of scrap metal. At, we have a monitoring system that means the scrap car valuation you get from our quotes calculator is always based on real-world value and not just guesswork.

Ferrous scrap metal per tonne

The quote that you get for your old car is primarily based on weight, so the heavier your car, the more likely that you will get more cash for it. Different metals are worth more, so have a look at the current scrap metal prices for this month.

Oct `19Nov `19Dec `19Jan `20Feb `20Mar `20Apr `20May `20Jun `20Jul `20Aug `20Sep `20£0£10£20£30£40£50£60£70£80£90£100

Scrap metal prices by month

Scrap metal value adjusts from month to month, which is why it is always a good idea to check the current value of scrap metals when you are planning to sell an old vehicle.

Change date range

Last 12 month
MonthPrice per tonne
October 2019£55.00
November 2019£70.00
December 2019£77.50
January 2020£87.50
February 2020£72.50
March 2020£55.00
April 2020£50.00
May 2020£55.00
June 2020£67.50
July 2020£70.00
August 2020£82.50
September 2020£91.00

Get an instant online price for your scrap car

Getting the highest car scrappage value

Whenever you are selling a car, it is obvious that you would like to get paid as much as possible for it. Here is our quick guide to making sure that you get more cash for the old vehicle that you no longer want or need.


The condition of your car

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to buying and selling cars. Non-runners, damaged cars, and even cars that have recently failed their latest MOT can all be sold for scrap, and the process could not be any easier. Simply use our car value calculator, get your accurate quote, and book your collection time. It is that easy. You do not have to stress about getting that dangerous or non-running car to our yards because we provide free car collection wherever you are. That is good news for your bank balance, too, because you know that with, the price you get from our scrap car value calculator is the price that you get paid. There are not any hidden fees to worry about, and none of our partner yards will try to haggle over the price at the last minute. Our recovery team comes to you, collects your car, and pays you immediately. From getting your car price calculator quote to spending the money could not be more convenient or stress-free.


Selling to private buyers

If your car still has some miles left, you might consider selling it to another motorist so that they can get a cheap car. The problem is that selling an old car privately is the opposite of selling to a yard. It is hard to imagine a more inconvenient process than selling a car privately these days. First, you have to take as many photos as possible, think of a price, and then post it on social media pages, on car forums, or in local car publications. Then you have to deal with answering the same questions over and again before potentially booking a day off work to meet those possible buyers who might not even show up! If they do show up, there is always the possibility of time wasters, tyre-kickers, and those chancers who just want to haggle you down until they are practically getting a free car. Compare that to using our car price calculator, booking your collection time, and getting paid immediately. It is no wonder that more people than ever are using to get rid of those old cars that are clogging up their driveways and garages.


Your car price quote is free

Our car price calculator is a free service, and you do not have to commit to anything by using it. We know that you want to make sure that you get the maximum vehicle scrap value, so it is common sense that you will shop around. However, we also know that most motorists who use our car scrap value calculator will return to us again and again. That is because the team works hard to ensure that you always get the maximum value of any car. Whether it's been seriously damaged, or it's just reached its natural end of life, our combination of recycling and safe disposal means that the value of your car will always be much higher than those yards that base their prices on what they think they can get away with. Like any industry, there are plenty of unethical business owners in the scrap metal trade, and they should be avoided at all costs. Not only will they give you much less scrap value for cars, but they might also even encourage you to break the law. For example, it is illegal to drive a car that has been SORNed on a public road, but dodgy scrap yard owners have told some motorists that it is legal to drive a car with a SORN to a scrap yard. It is not, and you will get a huge fine if you get caught. Stick to the professionals who not only know the law but will always pay you more for your old car based on our car scrap metal calculator and our focus on recycling. 


Professionally trained

It is not easy for a scrap yard to become an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) that is officially recognised and licenced by the Environment Agency. There are a lot of criteria to meet, not least of which is achieving the target of recycling 95% of every scrapped car. At, we only partner with yards that are Authorised Treatment Facilities, so you know that every member of the team has the training and experience that has led to the yard being granted a licence for being an ATF. They know the law, know the scrap metal prices, and provide you with the customer service you would expect from such a highly competitive trade. There are many scrap yards in the UK because the price of scrap metal in this country is high, but that also means there are many unscrupulous business owners who are out to make a few extra quid wherever they can. Usually, that means they will give you a quote, only to start haggling when it comes to paying you. When you use our scrap car value calculator, the quote you get is what you will get paid. 


How to get paid more for your old car

One of the best things about our scrap car price calculator is that you can use it again and again so that when you do decide to sell, it's when the price of scrap metal is as high as possible. However, it is not just the scrap metal price that affects how much our scrap price calculator will quote you. There is a lot of value in different parts of your old car, but lots of sellers think that they can make more money by removing those parts and selling them separately. Sadly, this does not work. While you can take the time to remove the catalytic converter or the car battery and selling it separately, all that is doing is lowering how much you will be quoted by our car value calculator. It is rarely worth the time or the stress of removing those parts because when you sell your car to a partner yard, those components' value will be added on to your quote anyway.


No commitment

Just because you are using our car price calculator does not mean that you are obligated to sell it to us immediately! You can use our quotes calculator at any time and come back to it again days or even months later to see if the price of scrap metal has gone up or down since your first quote. However, if you use our car price calculator and like the amount of money you are quoted, then it is a simple case of choosing the most convenient time for you to have your car collected. On the day that you have chosen, we will simply message you to confirm that it is still convenient, and our recovery team will arrive at the time you stated. That means no waiting around all day for a buyer who might not even show up and no missing out on your day to day activities just to get rid of your car. 

Scrap car calculator frequently asked questions

We get a lot of questions about how our scrap car value calculator works and how to get the best prices. Here are some of the most common questions that our expert teams get asked, with the answers that will help you get the highest price for your old car.

What is my car worth?

By far, the most common question that any scrap yard will get asked is, "what is my car worth?" There is no set answer to that question because it depends on so many different factors. The price of scrap metal, the demand for spare parts, the car's recyclability, and whether it has a catalytic convertor and car battery will all play a part in determining the total value of your car. The good news is that you can get a clear idea of your car's value by simply using our scrap car price calculator. You will have to answer a few questions about your vehicle (remember to have your registration number close to hand) and where it is. Then, get your car scrap value estimate, and you will know how much your car is worth. It is easy to find out the value of your car, so while there is no set answer when asking how much your car is worth, it takes only a few minutes to get that answer yourself.

How do we work out your car scrappage value?

We start by asking you to put in your car's registration details and your postcode. This will give us the basis of your car's valuation. The reg number will tell us the make and model, and the postcode will identify the best scrap yards to collect and process your old car. If you do not want to provide any more information, you get your quote, but that quote might not be quite as accurate if the recovery team shows up, and there are issues with the vehicle. Generally, it is better to answer a few questions about your car and the condition that it is in. If, for example, you have removed the car battery to sell it or use it, that will lower the value of your car. If you do not let us know beforehand, then the price you are quoted will not be accurate, and you get paid less than you were quoted.

Why does removing the catalytic convertor affect the car scrap value estimate so much?

We have written some in-depth guides about recycling scrap cars, with key sections on the catalytic converter's value. If you'd like a lot more information about the importance of the catalytic converter and find out more about the process of recycling and what happens to all of the recycled parts of your car, head to our guide now. When it comes to a catalytic converter, the most important thing to know is that there are metals in it that are some of the world's most expensive metals. Some of those metals are more highly priced than gold. That is why removing your catalytic converter before selling it for scrap will always mean that the car scrap metal calculator will always give you a lower quote. Selling your car whole will always result in a higher quote.

Can I sell my car to a scrap yard if it does not have a valid MOT?

You will get asked about your car's MOT status when you are inputting details into our car scrap price calculator. However, whether your car has a valid MOT or not will rarely affect the quote that you get. Dodgy scrap yards will tend to use this as an excuse to pay you less, but because we provide completely free scrap car collection, your car's MOT status is largely irrelevant. It's actually a lot easier to sell a car without an MOT to a scrapyard than it is to a private buyer because someone who's buying that car to use it will have to pre-book an MOT test and go straight there (with no stops) as soon as they have the keys. This can be stressful to organise, and you will tend to get paid less as a result. Thanks to our recovery teams, we do not have to risk driving a car without a valid MOT. We simply show up at the confirmed collection time, load your car onto our recovery vehicle, and pay the amount that our car value calculator quoted you. It is that easy! So, if your car has failed its latest MOT and you cannot justify the cost of repairs, do not panic. You can still get your car scrap value estimate and make some cash instead of spending it.

What is the process of selling my car for scrap?

The entire process is based on convenience for you. That is why we have made our car scrap value calculator as easy to use as possible. Once you have put in your registration number and postcode, the quotes calculator will ask a few more questions about your car. You answer those to the best of your knowledge, and you get your car scrap value estimate. If you are happy with the price you are quoted, you then choose your collection date and time, sit back, and relax. On the day of your collection, you will need to have some ID and your car keys, but do not panic if you have lost your keys. Just let us know beforehand, and we can arrange for the right team members to be part of the recovery team. You will also have to have any car documents such as your MOT certificate, the service history, and the registration certificate. It is expected that you will have removed any rubbish and/or personal belongings from the car before the recovery team arrives as well. When the team does arrive, their first step will be to check the car. They will be looking to confirm that the answers given to the questions on the vehicle scrap value calculator were accurate. They will then verify your paperwork, do all of the paperwork for you that is required by the DVLA, and pay you. Remember, it is illegal to buy or sell scrap metal with cash payments because of the Scrap Metal dealers Act 2013, so all of the payments will be made by either bank transfer or by cheque. Finally, you need to notify the DVLA that you have sold the vehicle (and you will get an automatic road tax rebate if you have paid your road tax in advance). The entire process is super quick, convenient, and designed to ensure that you get as much money as possible for that old car.

Are there any Scrapyard scams to be aware of?

There are a lot of scrap yards across the UK, and they are not all going to be as professional as those in the network. Those yards will try a variety of tricks and scams to ensure that you get paid less for your car than it is worth. One of the easiest ways to spot those dodgy dealers is by comparing their car scrap value estimate with our car price calculator. If they give you a quote that is a lot higher, then there is a good chance that you are going to be ripped off. Those yards use very high quotes, but they have no intention of paying those prices. Instead, they will entice you with the promise of more cash, and when it comes to the payment, they will immediately start to haggle. They might even try to pay you in cash, which is illegal. Of course, they will tell you that they are doing you a favour rather than that you are breaking the law, and they will end up paying you even less. An even worse scam is buying your scrap car but not actually scrapping it. Instead, they will make minor repairs and sell the car on illegally. The problem with this is that you may still be registered as the keeper of that vehicle because the car is not destroyed. Should someone get a fine or penalty points for driving the car you thought was scrapped, then it is you that will be punished for it. That is why it is so important that you only use licenced Authorised Treatment facilities and keep an eye out for overly high car scrappage value quotes.

What is the average scrap prices of different makes and models?

Your car's make and model will have a big impact on the price you get quoted by our scrap car price calculator. While the car's weight affects its scrap value the most, make, and model is often more critical than most motorists assume. Some car brands are worth more than others, and an excellent general rule of thumb is that the more expensive it is to buy a make and model from new, the more value it will have when you put those details into our car value calculator. For example, a BMW 5 Series will tend to get a very high quote from our quote calculator. There are oddities, though. For example, while the age of a car will affect the car value, and the older the car, the less you will generally get for it; there are exceptions to this rule. One famous instance is that selling a 2005 Volkswagen can often get you more money than selling a 2017 Volkswagen. That is largely down to the higher numbers of those earlier models being used on UK roads, which means there is more possibility for scrap yards to sell car parts to those drivers that need replacements. After all, not all of the metal, rubber, and plastic in your car will be melted and recycled. Sometimes, recycling is about removing working parts and selling them to motorists who need low-cost parts to keep their vehicles safe. Generally, though, the defining factor determining the scrap value for cars will be the weight. A Land Rover will get a higher quote than a Mini purely because it is bigger and heavier. That means more raw materials that can be recycled. So, while there will always be oddities and exceptions, you will generally get more scrap value for cars if larger.

How will mileage affect my car scrap value estimate?

One of the questions you may get asked when you are using our scrap car price calculator will be how many miles there are on the clock. This is more important than you might think. That is because the more miles your car has driven, the more likely that there will be wear and tear on the vehicle. Lower mileage will almost always mean getting more value for your old car, simply because there will be more parts that can be sold on, and mechanics, body shops, local drivers, and even car restorers will always have one eye on Authorised Treatment Facilities to see if much-needed parts are available. The more miles your car has been driven, the less likely that the parts inside and outside of it can be used in another vehicle. That will mean scrap yards will have to separate, melt down, and then sell the raw, recycled materials instead. So, while you will still get top scrap car prices, your actual car scrap value estimate will tend to be lower the more that the car has been used. 

Why might I get paid a lower price than quoted on your car value calculator?

There are some minimum requirements that must be adhered to if you want your quote to be an accurate representation of your car's true value. To start with, you will have to provide the recovery team with a valid form of ID. This will need to be an ID that has a photo of you and your current address. That became law when the Scrap Metal Dealers Act was introduced in 2013 and is intended to make it harder for criminals to sell stolen cars. You also need to make sure that your car is bought and paid for, because if it has any finance charges attached to it, like a loan agreement or a hire purchase, then you simply can't sell it, for scrap or for use. That is because you might be in possession of the car, but it is still the legal property of the finance lender. That doesn't mean that you can't get your quote from our vehicle scrap value calculator, but it does mean that you can't sell us that car until all of the money owed to the lender is paid off. However, if you took out a standard bank loan and used that money to buy a car (so the loan wasn't tied to the vehicle), then that car does belong to you, and you can get your car value estimate, book your free collection, and get paid. 
It has never been easier to sell an old car for scrap, and thanks to the current high price of scrap metal, it has rarely been as profitable. Take your time to understand how cars are valued and the current scrap metal prices this month. Use our vehicle scrap value calculator today to find out more about how much your car is worth based on the facts. Do not settle for less than the real value of your car and try out the car price calculator today. If you have any questions about the value of your car or anything scrap vehicle related, contact the team at and speak to the professionals who want to make sure that you always get paid your vehicle's maximum value.

Why is it better to sell my car for scrap?

There are more ways to sell a car than ever. From local and national motoring press to eBay to social media and local forums, there are more places to advertise the sale of your old car than there was even a few years ago. The problem is that all of those ways to advertise your car will rarely get you the true value of your vehicle. The British public love to haggle over the price of a car, and that’s if you’re lucky enough to have those potential buyers show up when arranged. Everyone loves a bargain, but getting the real-world value of your car is going to be much easier by using our scrap price calculator. Not only will you get the value of that car based on real-world demand for scrap metal, but you also get to avoid all of the time-wasters and hagglers that can ruin your week. When you sell a car to a partner, you know that you’re not just getting the top price; you’re also getting the maximum convenience. All you have to do is have your paperwork ready to check! So get your registration number close to hand, head to our car price calculator, and input as many details as possible about that old car that you no longer want. Whether it’s a non-runner, it’s failed its latest MOT, or even if it’s been declared SORN, that old car might be worth a lot more than you think. Don’t settle for less than the maximum value for your car and avoid all of the traditional headaches of selling a second-hand car. Use today, and you could be getting paid as soon as your car is collected.