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The top 10 reasons why Derby residents scrap their cars

As one of the birthplaces of the industrial revolution, Derby is a thriving city with more than 250,000 residents. That means local drivers are choosing to scrap their vehicles for a variety of reasons. Here are the top 10 reasons why Derby drivers are scrapping their cars and getting immediate payments.


Use the money for other things  

Although it has a high employment rate and a relatively low cost of living, Derby residents have very little disposable income. It is estimated that the average Derby household has less than £14k a year to spend; that means unexpected bills can become challenging. Car insurance is slightly higher than the national average at around £500 a year. So, while it's not the cheapest city to live in, it is significantly cheaper than elsewhere. For special occasions like Christmas or birthdays, it used to be that Derby residents took out payday loans in large volumes, and as recently as 2010 the average borrowing amount was £500. Now, locals are avoiding those high-interest rates and getting cash for scrap cars in Derby instead. When an unexpected bill lands on the mat, scrapping a car in Derby is the best way to get some emergency cash.


Your car is very fuel inefficient  

Fuel inefficiency can be caused by a lot of minor issues, from worn tyres to a degraded air filter. It is those little faults that soon add up, and the cost of your fuel will quickly outweigh the cost of repairing all of the issues. Nobody wants to spend more on their car than they need to, and fuel inefficiency is one of the fastest ways to see your running costs spiral. The high number of e-bikes on the roads of Derby is part of one of the biggest green schemes in the country, but if that doesn't appeal, it is worth knowing that you can get cash for scrap cars in Derby and use your cash boost to buy a more fuel-efficient car (or save that money and start using those e-bikes instead!).


You find public transport preferable

One of the most commonly seen reasons why Derby drivers are selling their old cars to scrap metal dealers in Derby is down to the exceptional public transport system. You can get anywhere in the city and beyond on the buses, and the direct rail services mean that nowhere in the country is out of reach. Even cycling is easy because the city is very flat and has an extensive cycle network too. We have seen so many drivers come to us to get cash for scrap cars in Derby and using that money to pay for Spectrum Tickets that allow for all-day travel on any bus in the city. When you can quickly get to where you need to go without getting behind the wheel, it makes sense to save the money you're wasting on insurance and road tax without losing out on mobility.


The car has failed its MOT

The most common reasons for MOT failures are due to light issues, faulty electrics, and brake problems. The older your car, the more likely it is to fail its MOT, and the cars that were registered in 2001 have the highest failure rate in the city. New MOT regulations have made it harder to pass a test, and that means having to spend money on repairs, then book in a day for yet another test. Not many locals know that they can not only sell a car without MOT in Derby but can get a lot more money than they expect as well. When you fail a MOT, you're not allowed to drive the car unless for specific reasons. Which is why more Derby drivers than ever are getting free car collections, and the top prices for cars in Derby that lack their MOT.


You want a hassle-free way of selling your car

Selling a car privately can be a great way to get rid of an old vehicle, whether you're planning to upgrade, or you've decided to stick to other forms of transport. Although you have multiple online sites and social media pages to advertise your car, you inevitably have to deal with the common nuisances. Tyre-kickers, timewasters, and people who don't even bother to show up when you've been waiting around all day are very frustrating. It's even worse when a sale is agreed on and then haggling over the final price begins. To avoid all of those potential problems, scrap dealers in Derby are seeing vast numbers of locals choosing the hassle-free option. It's not just the free car collection and having all of your paperwork done for you. Our instant quote means that you know exactly how much you're getting. 


Your car’s no longer safe to drive      

Derby is in the top 15 cheapest places in the UK to buy a used car. That explains why there are so many older vehicles on the roads. The older that a car gets, the more likely that it fails its MOT, and is unsafe to drive. When you drive an old car that needs a lot of work on it, you are taking to the roads in a dangerous vehicle. You aren't just putting yourself at risk either. Your passengers, other road users, and even pedestrians can be hurt or even killed if your car isn't looked after and safe to drive. Rather than spending more than the value of the car on making repairs, more people than ever are heading to scrap dealers in Derby and getting the cash boost they need to invest in a newer, safer set of wheels.


Your car is costing you a fortune to maintain

Cars need a lot of maintenance in Derby, simply because the state of the roads is rather shocking. Staker Lane is notorious for traffic flow and potholes and is in the top 10 list of the most dangerous roads in Britain to drive on. The fact that there are so many older, used cars on the roads, combined with the rough driving that Derby drivers have simply grown used to, means that maintenance needs to be a constant source of spending. There comes the point where you've spent more on maintenance than you did on the car! High maintenance cars are one of the most commonly seen reasons for locals to head to scrap metal dealers in Derby and get rid of those expensive to maintain cars. Some invest in a better car that's better equipped to handle the shocking roads.


Your car is very fuel inefficient    

With a 16.9% drop in car sales, it seems that more locals than ever realise that they can get by without their cars. Of course, the problem is that if you leave your car sitting in your driveway or outside your home for too long, it loses its value and suffers from the inevitable wear and tear. That means that even when you do get round to driving, it's degraded significantly, often making it too dangerous to drive. If you've realised just how little you're using your car and you resent paying insurance and tax on a vehicle you don't use, it's never been easier to arrange a free collection from our scrap dealers in Derby. Even if you've SORNed your car, you still get the top prices and the fastest payments.


Your car is written off  

The Markeaton Island roundabout has the rather dubious accolade of being the most dangerous junction in Derbyshire. It sees an average of nine accidents a month all year round, despite attempts to make it safer. Over a billion vehicle miles are travelled on Derby roads every year, and that means a lot of traffic. Rat runs are a particular source of concern, especially popular ones like Brighton Road. It's that high level of traffic flow that leads to accidents, and when you're involved in a crash that's left your car a mess, it can be challenging to know what to do with it. We've helped hundreds of local drivers get cash for scrap cars in Derby even if that car has been written off and is unusable. Often, locals are surprised how much money they can get for even seriously damaged cars.


You’re looking for a part-exchange  

When so many households in Derby have a car, combined with the low cost of used cars in the city, it's no surprise that part-exchanges are so common. On the surface, a part-exchange makes sense, because you're using your old car to help pay for something new. The problem is that the prices that you get when you part-exchange are incredibly unpredictable. That means Derby drivers end up paying more than they expected. The best way to avoid that ambiguity is to sell your car first. Avoiding part-exchange nightmares is one of the top reasons for drivers to sell their old cars to scrap dealers in Derby. That's because they know they will get the real value of the car and can head to the showroom, knowing exactly what their budget is, while also having a little more power to negotiate.

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Derby scrap metal & scrap car prices

As a significant hub for vehicle manufacturing, the price of scrap metal in Derby is exceptionally high.

Ferrous scrap metal per tonne

Iron continues to be priced highly in Derby, with current prices of £990 per tonne. Steel always sells well too and right now sits at £1550 per tonne.

Oct `19Nov `19Dec `19Jan `20Feb `20Mar `20Apr `20May `20Jun `20Jul `20Aug `20Sep `20£0£10£20£30£40£50£60£70£80£90£100

Scrap metal prices by month

Stainless steel is a high price this month at £490 per tonne. Aluminium is also highly priced at £730 per tonne.

Change date range

Last 12 month
MonthPrice per tonne
October 2019£55.00
November 2019£70.00
December 2019£77.50
January 2020£87.50
February 2020£72.50
March 2020£55.00
April 2020£50.00
May 2020£55.00
June 2020£67.50
July 2020£70.00
August 2020£82.50
September 2020£91.00

The types of cars we scrap in Derby

It's easier to sell your old car for scrap than you might have thought. Despite many misconceptions regarding what types of car can be sold, Derby drivers are increasingly taking advantage of the high scrap prices to get rid of their cars and make some money.

SORNed cars 

Never assume that there's something about your car that will prevent you from being able to sell it. Although we can't collect a car from the scene of an accident, there are otherwise very few limitations on what we can buy. If you've declared your car as SORN, for example, that doesn't mean you can't sell it. You don't even have to pay to have the SORN removed. We do everything for you, and we even collect your car from wherever it is so that you don't have to break the law to get it to us. With our free car collection service, that means you're getting paid for a car that you're not even using.

Cars without a MOT

If your car has failed its MOT, don't panic. You can still get paid for it, no matter what the reason for it not passing its test. Failing a MOT can be very costly to repair and resubmit, and that's why we have made the process of selling a car without a MOT in Derby as easy as possible. Now, instead of paying for those repairs (and yet another MOT check), you can make money from your old car instead. Whatever the reason for the MOT failure, we not only pay for your car but collect it for free as well. 

That means you can stop spending on that old motor and give your bank balance a boost instead. You could even use that money to get a car that stands a better chance of passing those increasingly demanding MOTs.

After an accident

If your car has been damaged after a collision, you probably assume that it's not worth anything. The good news is that even the most damaged cars in Derby are worth money to the right scrap yards. With's nationwide service, we make sure that your car gets collected by professionals, even if the bonnet is crumpled, you've lost your keys, or you can't find your V5C. Even if your car has been badly vandalised and all of the windows are smashed, you know that the prices you get from our network of Authorised Treatment Facilities are going to be the best in Derby. So, if you've been putting off trying to get rid of your damaged car because it all seems like too much hassle, you can now let us do all of the hard work for you.

Scrap car collection in Derby

One of our main priorities is the best free car collection service in the city. We make sure that your old car can be collected seven days a week, so you don't have to fit your daily schedule around us.

Easy service that suits you

What our service means for you is that there are no long waits or having to take the day off work. Instead, you simply get your instant quote, let us know the best time and day to pick your vehicle up, and then we do the rest. If you need to change your collection time, that's no problem either. Simply let us know, and we can rearrange your collection time. Free scrap collection in Derby has never been more convenient. You don't even have to be there yourself, as long as you make sure that someone is, and that they have all of your necessary paperwork.

Where can we collect your car?

When it comes to where your car is parked, all that matters is that our transport vehicles can get to it safely. That means the ground needs to be stable, and the access point is wide enough for us to reach your car. If you want to get free scrap collection in Derby, then being parked on a public road is not essential. We know that cars break down, and not always in the most convenient places. Simply let us know the postcode where your car is so that we can arrange the closest free scrap collection in Derby.

Scrap car collection in 3 simple steps

Make your life easier by following our 3 easy steps on how to scrap your car and get it collected.

arrange time
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confirm partners
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Average scrap car prices in Derby

Derby is widely considered as the nation's centre of transport manufacturing, so from Rolls Royce Aerospace to the train manufacturer Bombardier, there is a lot of demand for scrap metal and recycled materials. That's why the scrap yards in and around the city are some of the largest in the UK.

Average scrap car

Weight and model

Scrap cars are bought by weight, so the larger and heavier your car, the bigger your payment will be from official car scrap merchants in Derby. It's not just weight that's a factor though. If you have a popular car with a high demand for spare parts or a rarer car whose drivers often struggle to find well-priced parts, then you'll get more cash for your unwanted vehicle. All you have to do is use our instant quote calculator, find out how much your car is worth, and book your free collection time to suit you. From foreign cars that have only recently been registered in the UK to cars with lost keys or cars that make up part of a fleet, we make sure that you get the money that your car is worth. Don't make the mistake of using a scrapyard in Derby that isn't part of the network. 

Only the best prices

It's the local demand that keeps scrap metal in Derby so highly priced. However, with such high demand, that means there are plenty of scrap yards in the city who are not registered as Authorised Treatment Facilities, and who will often give you low prices and bad advice. When it comes to the network, you know that not only are you using a company that has been officially recognised by the Environment Agency but will also get the top car scrap prices in Derby.

Average scrap car prices per vehicle in Derby

Use our professional car scrap merchants in Derby and get the true value of your car and hassle-free service that does all of the hard work for you.

Ford focus
Ford Focus


Vauxhall Corsa
Vauxhall Corsa


Ford fiesta
Ford Fiesta


Peugeot 206
Peugeot 206


Volkswagen Golf
Volkswagen Golf


Vauxhall Astra
Vauxhall Astra


Renault Clio
Renault Clio


Volkswagen Polo
Volkswagen Polo


Nissan Micra
Nissan Micra


Toyota Yaris
Toyota Yaris


Honda Civic
Honda Civic


Fiat Punto
Fiat Punto


The benefits to car recycling in Derby

It's not just the best car scrap prices in Derby that make us the popular choice in the city. All of our Authorised Treatment Facilities have a focus on recycling. That means a variety of benefits that you might not have considered.


Good for the environment  

As the first city in the UK to sign up to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals and the Global Compact Cities programme, it's clear that residents and officials alike have prioritised the environmental protection of Derby. Considering that the city is home to more than 300 parks and open public spaces that have coverage of 700 acres, it makes sense that those green spaces need to be protected. Many of those parks, like Darley and Nutwood Nature Reserve, have been awarded Green Flag status, so protecting them is vital. When you use car recyclers in Derby, your old car is taken off the road. That means one less car pumping out harmful emissions. It also means that other drivers can get spare parts for their cars more efficiently and at a lower cost.


Protecting local wildlife

There's a lot of wildlife that lives in and around Derby. That's because of the massive amounts of splendid green spaces and local nature reserves in Derby. It's not even that difficult to spot rare animals that share Derby with you, and a little planning means that you can see otters, badgers, chiffchaffs, and peregrine falcons. That wildlife must be protected, and by recycling your old car in Derby, you are ensuring that your environmental impact is massively reduced. When cars are just scrapped and sent to landfill, the metals, plastics, and liquids that make up that car will continue to decay, releasing harmful emissions, polluting the soil and the air, and endangering the local animal species and plant life. Responsible recycling is more important than ever, which is why car recycling in Derby should only be done by registered Authorised Treatment Facilities


Using finite resources    

The resources of planet Earth are not infinite, and that means businesses need to think responsibly when it comes to what they use and how they use it. Mining is incredibly harmful to the planet, and it's expensive too. With manufacturing, especially transport manufacturing, playing such a key role in the growing economy of Derby, those large and small manufacturers must have access to the materials that they need while ensuring that costs and environmental impact are reduced as much as possible. That's why car recycling in Derby is so essential. Every time that a car is recycled in the city, it means those local businesses have access to locally sourced materials that don't need to be mined and don't need to be shipped. That means more significant steps towards carbon neutrality, improved cost-effectiveness, and fewer demands on the planet. If you use a scrapyard in Derby that simply crushes your car and sends it to landfill, then you are wasting materials while harming the environment and the economic growth of the city.


Jobs and the economy

A £2.2 billion series of regeneration projects have saved Derby from the decline of national industry, and the city remains one of the central hubs for manufacturing. It's the transport sector that gets the most recognition, but Derby also has the fastest growing economy in Britain. When you recycle, you are giving that economy a boost. Using landfills costs a lot of money for local councils, and on average tends to cost ten times as much as recycling. When you scrap a car in Derby with us, you are helping to reduce the amount of harmful waste that is sent to landfill, saving the council money that can be used to further boost the city. That means more savings for large and small businesses, faster business growth, and more demand for jobs.

Car scrap yards in Derby

Although it's easy to find some of the largest scrap yards in the country located in Derby, not all of those yards will offer a high-quality and professional service. When you look at the best salvage yards in Derby, you want the ones that pay the best prices and offer the most convenience.

Convenience designed around you

At, we have spent years building up our network of the best and most professional car breakers in Derby. That means that they don't just prioritise recycling. They also monitor the fluctuations in scrap metal prices in the city, and that means you know that you only ever get the top prices for your old car. So not only do you get the convenience of having your car collected at any time, but you also know that you're not going to get to the collection date and find that the price drops through hidden fees or last-minute haggling. The price you're quoted is the price you get.

We know that dealing with paperwork is a lot of hassle, especially when you're selling a car. That's why all of the car breakers in Derby that make up our network will not only let you know what documents you need, we'll also help you find replacements if needed, and fill out all your paperwork too. You get immediate payments, no fuss, and the height of convenience from the moment that you get your instant quote right up to the payment transaction. No matter your reason for getting rid of your old car, we keep you on the right side of the law and guarantee a hassle-free experience.