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It's never been easier to scrap my car for cash near me, with our dedicated network of professional scrap yards near you. Find out more about the best place to scrap my car near me.

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You can scrap my car today near me quickly and easily using and our proven approach to getting you the best scrap car prices near me.

Cash for your car

The price that you get for your old car will depend on a few different factors. One of those is the current price of the scrap metal market. We make sure that you get the real value of your car because all of our partner yards are connected to our continuous scrap metal prices monitoring system. When you're looking for the best place to scrap my car near me, you want to know that you're not getting paid less than your car is worth. By comparing the price of scrap metal across the whole of the UK, we make sure that you get the best price every time. Working nationally, our network continues to pay the most reliable prices based on the real-world value of your car, and not the gut-feeling that you get with many smaller, less well-trained yards.

Car Collection Convenience

There's no stress when you're looking for the top scrap car buyers near me because all of the scrap yards provide free collection services for your old vehicle. You simply get your instant price quote, book your collection time, and we do the rest. Our industry-trained recovery team will come to you, fill out your paperwork, and do everything to make scrap car pickup near me as stress-free and as profitable to you as possible. If you're searching online for 'places to scrap cars near me', don't settle for anything less than the experience, and avoid those yards that are only out to make a little extra cash at your expense. Often, those scrap yards that aren't in the network will offer to pay you in cash for your old vehicle, but this is now illegal. With every one of our yards, we buy scrap cars near me and pay you straight into your bank account. That means no waiting about to get paid and no risk of breaking the law.

Get the Best Price When You Scrap Your Car Near Me

Not only does our monitoring of the latest scrap metal prices mean that we always pay the real value of your car, but we also pay more than other scrap yards because we only partner with Authorised Treatment Facilities. You should only sell your car to an ATF scrap yard for a few reasons, not least of which is that you will always get more cash for your old car.

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That's because a focus on recycling means that many spare parts of your car can be sold to other local drivers. Those costs mean the best scrap car prices, every time.

With, you get the best prices for your old car, as well as a quick, free, local collection of even the most damaged cars, and your money sent straight to your bank account. It couldn't be easier to get the best scrap car prices and get rid of that old car you no longer want or need. When you want to scrap my car for cash near me, don't settle for less than Get your instant quote today and find out just how much your car or van is really worth.

The benefits of scrapping your car locally

It's easy to overlook the wide range of benefits that come with scrapping a car locally. Here are the top four benefits of using a local scrap yard near me that is part of the network.


Better for the environment

Older cars are far more damaging to the environment than newer models. The older a car gets, the less fuel-efficient it becomes, and that's bad news for local air quality. When you use scrap car dealers near me that are Authorised Treatment Facilities, you know that your old car is going to be taken off the road. Not only does that immediately improve local air quality, but you also know that your car is going to be disposed of safely and in a way that's recognised by the Environment Agency. When you use a scrap yard that isn't part of the network, then your old car will often just be sent to a landfill site, where metals and dangerous liquids will continue to harm the local environment. Using a vehicle scrap yard near me that is trained to dispose of old cars safely and responsibly is good for your local environment as much as it is for your wallet. As we all become increasingly more aware of the need to reduce our environmental impact, using local scrap yards has never been more important (or more profitable). Protect your local green spaces, improve local air quality, and help protect the people and the wildlife of your community.


Great for the local economy

When a car has been scrapped, any parts that can't be recycled are sent to landfill sites. Every tonne of waste that gets sent to landfill has to be paid for by your local council. So when you use a scrap yard that doesn't focus on recycling, then you're ensuring that your local council has to spend more money on waste. That means less budget for local improvements and schemes. By using car scrap dealers near you, you are reducing the waste that is sent to landfills, and that's great for the local economy because the council doesn't have to spend that money on landfill tax. It's also very good news for local businesses, who have easier access to the raw materials that they needed, cutting their production costs and improving business growth in your local community. That means more local jobs, more opportunities for those leaving school, college, or university, and a more appealing business environment that will attract new entrepreneurs to your area.


Spare parts for your area

Owning a car is expensive, so local motorists have to find ways to keep those running costs as low as possible. When you sell your old car to a vehicle scrap yard near me, you are making it easier for those in your community to get the spare and replacement parts that they need to keep their vehicles running safely. That means more money in the wallets of your neighbours and friends, and more spending power that also helps to boost local businesses. Even if your car is seriously damaged or has failed its latest MOT, there are always going to be parts of your vehicle that can be used by other local drivers. There's also the added bonus of knowing that recyclability means that you get paid more for that car you don't use as much as you used to. Using a local scrap yard that focuses on recycling is better for other local drivers and better for your wallet, and it's never been easier to find the best place to scrap a car near me.


Safer local roads

There's a reason why older cars are more likely to fail their MOT than new cars. All cars will degrade over time, and that means that they become a lot more dangerous to drive. When you sell your old, dangerous car and book your free scrap car pick up near me, you are getting those old cars off the road permanently. That's good news for local road safety and for those drivers looking for spare parts that will make their own cars safer to use. It's easy to get used to cars with a crack in the windscreen or with brakes that no longer work as well. The problem is that every time you get behind the wheel, you're taking a dangerous car on the roads and causing more damage to your already risky to use vehicle. Keep your local roads safer by selling that old vehicle to car scrap dealers near me. Don't keep taking risks every time you start your car, and make some money instead of spending it on repairing a car that will never be as safe as it once was.

Scrap your car locally frequently asked questions

There are a lot of misconceptions about selling a car for scrap, and many motorists keep their cars for longer than necessary because they think they can't sell them. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions that we get asked by local drivers who want the best price for scrap cars near me.

What are the red flags of a local scrap yard?

There are a lot of scrap yards in the UK, but they aren't all the same. We only partner with those yards that are Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATFs), which means that they have the skills and experience to dispose of your car safely. If a scrap yard is not an ATF, then that's an immediate red flag. You should also avoid yards that offer to pay you cash in hand for your old car, as this is illegal. If you are looking up 'scrap my car near me', stick with those yards that are part of the network. Due to the high price of scrap metal right now, there are a lot of unscrupulous scrap yard operators who are only out to make some quick cash, and it's usually at your expense. Stay safe by using and get connected to the best scrap yards near you so that you get the stress-free selling experience you've been looking for.

Can I sell my car for scrap if it doesn't have an MOT?

Although you aren't allowed to drive a car without a valid MOT to anywhere other than a pre-booked MOT testing centre, that doesn't mean you can't sell it. We make it easy to sell your car for scrap even if it doesn't have a valid MOT because our free scrap car collection near you means you don't have to take that car on the road yourself. Even if you have declared your car as SORN, it can still be sold for the top prices, and even though you can't drive that car for any reason, we'll come and collect it for free too. Lots of motorists think that you can't sell a car without an MOT or one with a SORN, but we not only buy those cars but make sure that you get the top prices as well.

How much is my car worth?

The size and weight of your car will be the most important factor, but it will also rely heavily on the current price of scrap metal. Use our instant quote calculator to find out how much your car is worth at the current scrap metal prices and the scrap car prices near you. We make sure that you get the real value of your car based on facts and demand, so you know you're not getting a quote based on gut-feeling. Don't risk using a scrap yard that is only going to try and make some extra money at your expense, and use a partner who makes use of the national scrap metal prices.

My car is not at my home address?

No worries! You don't need to ensure that your car is at your home address to get free collection. As long as it is assessable for our buyers, we can collect from all over the UK, whether it is at a friend or family member's house, at work, or even in storage. Simply enter the postcode where the vehicle currently is when you fill in your car's details, and we will provide you with details of dealers in that area.

Where can you collect from? 

We work with ATF scrap dealers all over the UK, so we can collect from almost anywhere! All that we ask is that your vehicle is easily assessable to make the collection as smooth as possible, wherever it is.

My Car Is Still At The Scene Of An Accident, Can You Collect It?

Although our buyers can collect from most places, this is unfortunately not one of them. Our network of dealers do not operate any form of roadside assistance, and so we cannot collect damaged cars from the scene.

Are there any areas which you can't collect from?

As we work throughout the country, there are very few areas which we can't collect from. For more remote areas, for example, it might be difficult to collect your vehicle, but we will do our absolute best to make it happen. Just let us know exactly where your vehicle will be so that we can organise the necessary equipment in advance.

What paperwork do I need?

You need to be able to prove that the car you're selling is owned by you. Normally, this means showing your logbook (V5), but in cases where this has been lost or stolen, we can arrange replacement documents from the DVLA for you. We'll even fill out all of your paperwork too, making it easier than ever to make some money when you need to scrap my car near me.