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The top 10 reasons why Edinburgh residents scrap their cars

With half a million people living in Edinburgh, and a far higher number commuting into the city each day, the city supports a wide variety of car users with various transportation needs. Road users in Edinburgh tend to scrap their vehicles for a number of reasons – and here are the top 10 reasons we've found locals give for scrapping their cars in Edinburgh.


High fuel consumption costs  

Despite the proximity to the oil rigs of Aberdeen, and the resultant lower prices in petrol across the city of Edinburgh, running a vehicle in the city still entails high costs. With petrol price fluctuations being a real problem for Edinburgh residents and those who commute in from the towns and villages around the city, this is a serious cost that can often lead people to consider scrapping their vehicles. According to the UK Department for Transport, the average private car mileage is over 8,000 miles – and if you're not driving a fuel-efficient vehicle, every single mile you drive will be costing you cash. For Edinburgh residents looking to cut their costs, scrapping their fuel-inefficient vehicles for a more efficient model can save them hundreds of pounds per year in rising petrol prices.


You prefer public transport  

In Edinburgh and across Scotland, the local government and local councils are driving plans to build up a robust public transport system for the future. For car users in Edinburgh, this means that it's likely to become more and more hassle-free to simply use buses, trains and other public transport, rather than their own car. With a well-connected pair of stations and the main route to Glasgow ferrying passengers in coaches too, the requirement for a private motor vehicle is becoming slowly obsolete. If this wasn't all, with green targets set in Holyrood for the next ten years, residents of Edinburgh are likely to benefit from more and more alternatives to driving a car in the coming years. For many, it's the incentive to use public transfer that's driving up figures for Edinburgh scrap cars in 2020 and into the future.


Your car's failed its mot

While Edinburgh residents may be near the average for MOT failures in the UK – around 30% - the surrounding towns and villages have some of the poorest MOT failure rates in the country. When your vehicle fails its MOT, you're quickly presented with the choice of spending cash to bring it up to road-worthy standards or getting cash for scrap cars in Edinburgh. For many drivers, the costs of repairing an old car are simply too high – and the proceeds from scrapping a car can help pay towards a new vehicle or a season ticket on the rails or the buses. If your car does fail its MOT, you should bear in mind the option of scrapping it all together – especially if the vehicle is likely to fail its next MOT, and the running costs for repairs are continuing to mount. Here at, we're here to help – we've bought cars without MOTs from all across the greater Edinburgh region.


Your car has been written off

If you're involved in an accident or if your vehicle has been involved in a collision while in a parked position, you may be left with little option but to scrap your car. In Edinburgh, there are plenty of accident black-spots – both due to adverse weather conditions and narrow and difficult roads. This means that there are plenty of cases each week in which an Edinburgh road user is left with a car that is beyond repair. Although the crime rate in Edinburgh is relatively low, Numbeo has reported that crime has been increasing over the past three years – and vehicle break-ins are on the rise. With crime another factor in writing off a vehicle, it's important to know that scrap metal dealers in Edinburgh are at hand, partnered with, to help you get cash for your written-off vehicle. A written-off car is still valuable, and can still be traded in for cash through


The running costs are too high

The average monthly cost of running a car in the UK is £166 – and this is without considering the price of the car itself. When you're responsible for a road vehicle in Edinburgh, you have to consider tax, MOT and repairs, insurance fees, and the cash you spend on fuel. All of this adds up, and that's what drives some Edinburgh residents to consider scrapping these costs once and for all, by trading in their car with Scrap dealers in Edinburgh with whom we are partnered often encounter old vehicles that have simply run their course – and are proving ever-more expensive to drive and maintain. Edinburgh's motorists, like others in the UK, will spend over £400 a year on vehicle maintenance alone – with this fee often topping the cost of a new second-hand vehicle. If you're one of these vehicle owners, weighed down by rising prices, you should get a speedy quote with us in order to remove high vehicle running costs from your monthly expenses.


Your car’s no longer safe to drive      

Over time, cars become less safe to use on the roads. When you have a family, your most important priority is the safety of your children and your partner – and a car that's unsafe will feel like a burden that you want to get rid of. That's certainly true for the thousands of people in the east of Scotland who choose to scrap their car due to safety reasons each year. With roads in and around Edinburgh risky for drivers of poor vehicles – especially in high winds or on icy roads – it's even more important that your car is maintained to perfection in this part of the world. If you have decided that your car is illegal or unsafe to operate on the roads, and you don't want to sell it to another unsuspecting local in Edinburgh, then scrapping it is your best option. At, we will support the frictionless sale of your unsafe vehicle to a local safe scrapping yard – approved as an ATF (Authorised Treatment Facility) by the government, so you know your scrapping will be ethical, too.


You want to part exchange

Meanwhile, part exchanges are popular in Edinburgh, especially for the growing student and young professional population. By scrapping your vehicle in Edinburgh, you'll be able to get the cash you need to purchase a new vehicle – or simple cash-in on your underused car. The high levels of air pollution in Edinburgh have prompted the government to curb vehicle use in the city centre, which means you may be using your car for fewer journeys each month. If this is the case, you can get money simply by choosing to scrap your car in Edinburgh in order to either take to the public transport, invest in a bicycle or moped, or get ready for your next vehicle purchase in the future. Part exchanging through a scrappage scheme is an effective way for Edinburgh residents to get their hands on the cash they need to purchase a new vehicle in the future – preventing your car from going un-used on your driveway.


Your car isn't used anymore    

There are dozens of reasons why Edinburgh residents may find themselves leaving their car unused, costing them cash while they're parked for the majority of the year. Some individuals move closer to the city centre, where they're a walk or a bus ride away from work and social venues. Others decide to go green or invest in a bicycle for fitness reasons, while others still simply dread the morning traffic that gathers within a growing radius of the city's famous Royal Mile. Whatever the reason, if you're not using your motor anymore, you'll be able to get quick cash by scrapping it with the help of We'll pick up your vehicle for free from any location in the wider Edinburgh region, taking a costly static possession off your hands and giving you cash in return. This is a great option for those who are phasing out their use of their car and are in need of a little cash in the months ahead.


You need fast cash  

Edinburgh's population is diverse, with some of the most affluent neighbourhoods in the UK and some of the most deprived estates occupying the same city. This means that there are thousands of Edinburgh residents who need access to quick cash in times of emergency – and their vehicle can be the access point for that cash. For those with unfashionable vehicles, with high mileage and high maintenance costs, selling their vehicle to another driver can be out of the question. But that's not to say you cannot make quick cash from your car. Indeed, by scrapping your vehicle in Edinburgh, you'll receive a speedy payment for your unwanted motor, and you'll be able to get it collected swiftly from your property. For those in need of a small financial boost in the Edinburgh region, then scrapping a car can be a wonderful safety net, getting you the cash you need without stressing about whether you'll find a buyer when selling online.


You want to go green  

With environmental concerns reaching the top of the political agenda, and car maintenance and running costs rising alongside these concerns, scrapping your car can seem like the wisest and kindest thing to do to save the environment. In Edinburgh, air pollution has been a problem for decades – the city was even nicknamed 'Auld Reekie' in homage to this smoke in the 19th century. Now, though, those fumes come primarily from the city's cars. Whether you're tired of running a vehicle that burns fossil fuels, you're worried that your vehicle is incredibly inefficient, or you simply want to swap car travel for public transport or walking, scrapping your vehicle is a positive step to take in helping the environment of Edinburgh and Scotland as a whole. For those looking to go green, making positive changes to their lifestyle, scrapping their vehicle will help them reduce their emissions, saving on rising fuel costs as a result.

Get an instant online price for your scrap car

Edinburgh scrap metal & scrap car prices

The costs of scrap cars and scrap metal in Edinburgh are amongst the highest in the UK – and the market is rising all the time. This means you're perfectly located to make cash out of your vehicle through scrapping. Read on to learn the prices that cars and metal are ordinarily sold for in Edinburgh and throughout the UK as a whole.

Ferrous scrap metal per tonne

Prepared ferrous scrap metal is around £1900. Iron comes in at £170 and steel for around £1130 per tonne.

Oct `19Nov `19Dec `19Jan `20Feb `20Mar `20Apr `20May `20Jun `20Jul `20Aug `20Sep `20£0£10£20£30£40£50£60£70£80£90£100

Scrap metal prices by month

We're currently seeing fluctuations of £400 per tonne above the usual rate for both iron and steel.

Change date range

Last 12 month
MonthPrice per tonne
October 2019£55.00
November 2019£70.00
December 2019£77.50
January 2020£87.50
February 2020£72.50
March 2020£55.00
April 2020£50.00
May 2020£55.00
June 2020£67.50
July 2020£70.00
August 2020£82.50
September 2020£91.00

The types of cars we scrap in Edinburgh

Those living in Edinburgh can benefit from our scrapping service with any kind of vehicle. We can help you get cash for your car, whether it's old and rusting, it's failed its MOT, or it's mangled from a collision on the roads.

Ultimate Convenience

We know that the people of Edinburgh have better things to do than spend days on end organising getting their car scrapped. We take any cars that can be bought for cash in Edinburgh off your hands in order to give you the time, the space, and the cash to figure out your next steps. We're not fussy when it comes to the state of your vehicle – and we'll come to collect it from the Edinburgh address of your convenience when you choose to get cash quickly through scrapping your car. 

Non-runners and write-offs

The most burdensome vehicles for those who live in Edinburgh are cars that simply do not run. If you cannot park them off a public road, you'll still have to pay tax on your vehicle even if it's a non-runner. And if you are storing it on your driveway, it's simply a hulking mass of metal that's more of a burden than an asset. At, we're happy to take vehicles such as this off your hands – so if you're wondering, "How do I sell my car in Edinburgh?" when it's not even running, you've come to the right place.

Meanwhile, there are other kinds of damage that a vehicle can take that render it obsolete. 

For Edinburgh residents, write-offs usually occur after an accident or incident on the roads – even relatively minor ones – and this will leave your vehicle in need of a number of repairs. A write-off is a car that's simply too expensive to repair – and is therefore destined for the scrap heap. That's where we come in, of course, helping salvage cars in Edinburgh, getting them from any location in the wider region, and into a scrap yard, as quickly as possible.

Any model, any make

We don't discriminate with the cars or vans that we scrap. At, we're totally agnostic about the cars that we collect from you, free of charge, for scrapping. That means damaged cars Edinburgh fall under our rubric for scrapping, as well as any car, van, or road vehicle that you may be looking to get rid of for some fast cash. So, whether you have a large pick-up that's seen better days, or you're looking to wave farewell to the nice little town car that's got you from A to B in Edinburgh over the years, we'll collect it from you free, and pay you for the materials salvaged when your car's scrapped.

Scrap car collection in Edinburgh

Getting your car collected by couldn't be easier. Simply book a time, have someone ready to handover the vehicle, and wait for the payment to come through from our team.

Flexible collection

Scrap car collection in Edinburgh may seem like a daunting task – but that's exactly why we've worked so hard to service any kind of need you may have. If your car isn't parked on a public road, we'll still be able to take it off your hands free of charge – so long as we can get access to it. You'll also be able to let us know specific details about the vehicle, such as if it's in a particularly challenging location.

Meanwhile, your car doesn't need to be anywhere near your home address for our team to come out and collect it for free. Just remember to input the Edinburgh postcode at which your vehicle is currently parked in order to receive the correct quote from our website, ensuring that your vehicle is collected from the right place at the right time.

Completely hassle-free

We've done our best to make the process of scrapping your car stress-free, hassle-free and cost-free. From anywhere in the Edinburgh area, you'll book a collection slot on our website. Our partners offer 7 days-a-week collection options, which means you can organise a time slot on a day that suits you. You don't even need to be there personally – as long as there's someone authorised to sign off on your vehicle, our team will be able to collect it and take it to a local scrap yard for assessment, as long as you have the correct documentation Scrap collection in Edinburgh couldn't be easier, thanks to and our streamlined collection process.

Scrap car collection in 3 simple steps

With our service, car scrapping collection is easy and can be done in just three simple steps.

arrange time
Arrange a time suitable for you
confirm partners
Our partners confirm the time
Your car gets collected

Average scrap car prices in Edinburgh

Before you decide to scrap your car with, you may wish to know what kind of deal you're getting – and how we work out our prices so that we get you the very best deal for your vehicle. When you're confident you're getting the best deal for the car you intend to scrap, you'll be ready to book your collection with us.

Average scrap car

We chase the best deals for you

With so many local dealers and scrapyard contacts in the Edinburgh region, are always on the lookout for the most competitive prices and the highest pay-outs per vehicle. That way, we can ensure that we're servicing Edinburgh residents and their scrapping needs as well as possible, getting you a great return on your scrapped vehicle. 

So, if you're wondering: "How do I scrap my car in Edinburgh for the best price?" you only need to explore our Scottish and UK coverage to see how our partnerships operate. We know that we can serve you best by taking the hassle out of your car scrapping while providing the very best price on the market – and we strive to do both at

Trusted merchants

We know all the important car scrap merchants in Edinburgh. This means that our online pricing system is constantly updating with the very best offers for you to take advantage of when you want to scrap your car. We're able to give you a scrap car Edinburgh instant quote that'll show you what your car's worth when you type in its details on our website. It's quick, easy, and hassle-free to find the most competitive scrap price with, helping you see just how much you can get for the car you're looking to get rid of. We're always updating our prices so that we offer you the best deal on the market in Edinburgh.

Average scrap car prices per vehicle in Edinburgh

In Edinburgh and across the UK, scrappers typically pay based on vehicle size, or by tonnage. This means that there is a standard price for a number of vehicles – although this fluctuates with prices of scrap metal across the UK and the Edinburgh region, as we’ve seen.

Ford focus
Ford Focus


Vauxhall Corsa
Vauxhall Corsa


Ford fiesta
Ford Fiesta


Peugeot 206
Peugeot 206


Volkswagen Golf
Volkswagen Golf


Vauxhall Astra
Vauxhall Astra


Renault Clio
Renault Clio


Volkswagen Polo
Volkswagen Polo


Nissan Micra
Nissan Micra


Toyota Yaris
Toyota Yaris


Honda Civic
Honda Civic


Fiat Punto
Fiat Punto


The benefits to car recycling in Edinburgh

As with many other cities across the UK, Edinburgh is setting ambitious environmental targets to help reduce congestion and pollution in the city. Recycling old vehicles is one way in which you can participate positively in these changes.


A green decision  

Following the revelation that Edinburgh is one of the most polluted cities in Scotland, the government in Holyrood set up a committee to help ensure the city and Scotland as a whole is responsible regarding its impact on the environment. One of the key planks of this strategy involves encouraging people to stop using private vehicles, and to get them using improved public transport. That’s why car recycling in Edinburgh is so positive: it’s helping work towards an emissions-free city.


Recycling over landfill    

Another key way in which scrapping your old car is beneficial for your local area is in redirecting waste from landfill into recycling plants. The overuse of landfill across the UK is well documented, and this led to the Scottish government targeting 80% recycling levels by 2020. Every car that’s recycled in Edinburgh, rather than being consigned to landfill, is helping the government and the nation hit its green targets. Meanwhile, Edinburgh’s council is setting its sights on fewer and fewer cars in the city centre, which means that more and more road users are likely to be looking to sell or scrap their cars in the coming years. When these are recycled, the iron and steel in these vehicles is repurposed, with ease, to make new, exciting products.


Saves energy    

When you scrap your car, you’re saving the fuel that your car would otherwise have burned through when on the roads. But recycling is also a wonderful way to save energy. Why? Because instead of producing metals anew – which is an incredibly energy-intensive activity – scrap yards and their metal scrapping contacts are able to simply reuse and repurpose materials salvaged from your vehicle. For steel alone, the energy saved through recycling is 56% on what it would cost to produce steel anew. Recycling saves energy, which means that by recycling your vehicle, you’re preventing further fossil fuels burning in energy production, too.


Drives the economy

The Scottish government has made it a priority to place green energy and green policies at the centre of their plans for the 2020s. This means that they’re incentivising consumers and businesses to make smart environmental decisions in all areas of their lives – whether that’s in their transportation choices, their domestic energy use, or their recycling habits. By recycling your car, you’ll be driving this new green economy forwards, ensuring that Edinburgh – and the surrounding area of natural beauty – develops in a sustainable way.

Car scrap yards in Edinburgh

We’ve made a point of only working with the best, most reliable, and regulated ATFs (Authorised Treatment Facilities) in the Edinburgh region, which ensures you get the best price alongside a guarantee that your car will be ethically recycled.

Our Network Avoids Environmental Damage

At, we’ve developed a strong network of Edinburgh scrap yards which don’t just scrap your car – they break it, too. Breaking down a car means taking out the different components and materials, and recycling them individually in order to make for the most efficient recycling process. We’ve got a great relationship with these local superstar car breakers, and Edinburgh City Council, which ensures that your recycled vehicle is responsibly handled from the moment it’s collected from your property. 

We make sure that we work with scrap yards in Edinburgh that we can trust to give you the best deal on your scrapped vehicle. For us, a good deal means the best-possible pay-out to you, and the best-possible recycling process for your car.

When combined, this strategy makes our network of car breakers in Edinburgh perfectly suited to those looking for quick cash through a responsible and sustainable deal.

There’s a third benefit of responsible breaking and recycling of vehicles: the reuse of components that are fit to resell. While the worst scrappers don’t spend the time tinkering with vehicles they receive, we ensure we only work with those that thoroughly strip each and every vehicle in order to reuse and recycle a range of elements – from the gear lever to the front axle – that would otherwise not be detached from your car. This allows other drivers the chance to do up their own vehicle using your leftover spare parts. 

Clearly, then, recycling your car with is the responsible and cost-effective choice to make with your old vehicle.