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The top 10 reasons why Newcastle Upon Tyne residents scrap their cars

As the third-largest city in the UK and with a population of 809,000 Geordies, there are multiple reasons why local drivers are choosing to scrap their cars. Here are the top 10 reasons why Newcastle Upon Tyne residents scrap their vehicles.


The running costs are too expensive  

It's not cheap to use a car in Newcastle. Although the city is home to some great vehicle innovations (like the first-ever windscreen wiper), it still has higher running costs than other cities in the UK. On the one hand, car insurance premiums are generally cheaper in Newcastle than in other major cities. Still, recent price increases are seeing the average car owner paying around £739 every year just to stay insured. That's a 10% increase in twelve months. More spending is required in the city as well, with the parking charges in the centre regularly seeing price hikes and more on the way. With all of the costs of keeping a car, it's not a surprise that more households are realising that they can get cash for scrap cars in Newcastle Upon Tyne and stop seeing money leak from their bank accounts every month. Now, you can make money rather than spending it.


Scrap a car if it's not being used  

Only 55% of households in Newcastle have access to a car, and that's one for the lowest rates in the entire Tyne & Wear district. When it's so easy to get anywhere in and around the city without having to get behind the wheel, it's no wonder that even those households with a car leave their vehicles behind when they go out and about. Unfortunately, the longer that you leave a car unused, the quicker it degrades. It's not just the battery either. Oils and antifreeze can degrade quickly, and they can cause dramatic damage to the engine. Keeping a car for emergencies is one thing, but when you can get cash for scrap cars in Newcastle Upon Tyne instead of watching that vehicle become more worn out through lack of use, it makes sense that this is one of the main reasons for Geordies to get rid of their cars entirely.


You find public transport preferable

One of the main reasons for scrapping a car in Newcastle is due to how easy it is to get around without one. The metro system is one of the best in the country and has won multiple awards for efficiency with 37 million users every year. Bus services are frequent and regular, and day rover tickets are very affordable. Generally, the price of a day saver ticket is less than what you will pay in a Newcastle city-centre car park for an hour. Even the ferry service is popular, and you can easily get to Amsterdam in under 16 hours. There's the city airport for even longer journeys. It's safe to say that owning a car in Newcastle is not vital, which is why so many drivers are selling their cars to scrap metal dealers in Newcastle Upon Tyne and getting top prices too.


The car has failed its MOT

The failure rate for MOTs in Newcastle Upon Tyne is very slightly lower than the national average. An estimated 34.1% of cars in the city will fail their MOT, compared to 35% in the UK, but that's not the only problem when it comes to cars in the city. With so many cars failing to pass their MOT, the effect is that the cost of repairs is exceptionally high, and Newcastle drivers pay, on average, £318.50 for essential repairs after a MOT. Now, drivers in Newcastle realise that they can get a lot of money for those cars that fail their MOTs, and are using the money that they make from selling and saving by not booking in for repairs and additional tests, and buying a more reliable car instead. It's easy to sell a car without MOT in Newcastle Upon Tyne, and it can save you a lot of unnecessary stress too.


You want a hassle-free way of selling your car

Selling a car in Newcastle means dealing with people who are more interested in haggling than driving away with a car. Although there are multiple ways to sell a car, they mean that you have to cope with timewasters or the risk of being ripped off by dodgy second-hand car dealers. It's all very stressful, and being able to avoid that stress is another of the significant reasons why Geordie drivers are instead choosing to sell their old cars to scrap dealers in Newcastle Upon Tyne that are part of the network of experts. By selling to a scrap yard in Newcastle, you know beforehand how much money your car is worth, you know that it will be disposed of safely and that you're not going to get any payment surprises at the last minute. Quick, convenient, and with free car collection too, hassle-free selling is easier than ever.


Your car’s no longer safe to drive      

Drivers in the city are, on average, around 33 years old, which means that there are many inexperienced drivers on the road. Not only does that mean car accidents are more likely, but it also means that a lot of cars on the roads of Newcastle Upon Tyne are older than they should be and are often unsafe to drive. The city has some of the highest prices in the country for used cars. What this means is that there are a lot of dangerous cars on the roads. As cars get older, they become less safe, and that means you are putting yourself and others at risk whenever you use that car. Road safety is one of the significant reasons why Geordies are selling their cars to scrap dealers in Newcastle Upon Tyne and using the money to buy newer, safer vehicles.


Your car is costing you a fortune to maintain

More old cars on the roads mean more people are spending money to keep those cars going for longer. Ongoing maintenance costs are often overlooked when budgeting for a car, but with some of the worst roads in the country for potholes, drivers in the city spend a lot of time and money on maintenance issues. Scotswood Road, Ponteland Road, and Westgate Road are particularly bad for potholes, and when you hit those holes, your car suffers a lot of potential damage. That means more pay-outs, more spending, and less cash to spend on other things. Ongoing and high maintenance costs are one of the top reasons to see drivers in the city selling their cars to scrap metal dealers in Newcastle Upon Tyne. That money is then used to put towards a new car that needs less looking after or to pay for public transport for a whole year instead. 


Your car is very fuel inefficient    

Although it is possible to get low petrol prices in Newcastle, those costs do get higher the closer that you get to the city centre. That unpredictability means that people are spending more on filling their cars up than they do elsewhere in the country. The real problem is that, because of the large number of used cars on the road, drivers in the city often find that they are spending slightly more money every time they use a petrol pump. When an old car becomes less fuel-efficient, it pumps out more harmful emissions and ends up being more costly than expected. Fuel prices are one of the reasons why electric vehicles are becoming so popular in the city, and more drivers than ever are getting cash for scrap cars in Newcastle Upon Tyne and putting the money that they get towards a newer, more fuel-efficient car or opting to go electric.


Your car is written off  

Driving on the roads of Newcastle Upon Tyne is stressful and dangerous. Partly, that's because of the high number of young and inexperienced drivers who are behind the wheel of a cheap, unsafe car. The frustrating and confusing one-way system around the city adds to the stress of driving in Newcastle. All these factors mean a high number of accidents in the city every year. Being involved in a car accident is never good news, but when your car is written off, it means that you'll have to spend more on repairs than the value of the car. Now, you can sell even the most damaged cars in Newcastle Upon Tyne and use that money to either buy a new car or use the money to get public transport long-term tickets. If you've been involved in a car accident in Newcastle, don't think that your car isn't worth anything.


You’re looking for a part-exchange  

With so many young drivers and an overabundance of older cars on the roads, used car sales are particularly high in Newcastle. That's where part-exchanges come in. More drivers realise that it's tough to get a reasonable, reliable price for an old motor and that they're just as likely to get ripped off than get a reasonable price. A part-exchange is always a risk, which is why selling a car to scrap metal dealers in Newcastle Upon Tyne is becoming a popular alternative. When you sell a car for scrap in Newcastle, you get an instant quote, fast payments, and free car collection too. It also means that you have a better idea of your vehicle budget, so when you head off to buy a new car, you know exactly how high you can set your sights. Having the cash in your pocket means more negotiation power over the final price, and that's good news.

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Newcastle Upon Tyne scrap metal & scrap car prices

There's a high demand for scrap metal in Newcastle, and that means getting a price for your old car that is higher than the national average.

Ferrous scrap metal per tonne

Iron is always a good seller but is currently priced at an impressive £660 per tonne. Stainless steel remains level at £430 a tonne.

Oct `19Nov `19Dec `19Jan `20Feb `20Mar `20Apr `20May `20Jun `20Jul `20Aug `20Sep `20£0£10£20£30£40£50£60£70£80£90£100

Scrap metal prices by month

This month, you should expect to get £150 per tonne of aluminium, and £3960 for a tonne of copper.

Change date range

Last 12 month
MonthPrice per tonne
October 2019£55.00
November 2019£70.00
December 2019£77.50
January 2020£87.50
February 2020£72.50
March 2020£55.00
April 2020£50.00
May 2020£55.00
June 2020£67.50
July 2020£70.00
August 2020£82.50
September 2020£91.00

The types of cars we scrap in Newcastle Upon Tyne

It's easy to worry that your car is somehow unsuitable for selling to a scrap yard in Newcastle. Here's a quick overview of the types of cars we can buy from you.

Easy solutions and fast payments

You should never keep an old car simply because you're under the impression that something is stopping you from selling it. Vehicle owners who come to us are often surprised, not just because they find that they can indeed sell their car, but that they can get such high prices for it too. Of course, our scrap yards in Newcastle Upon Tyne aren't legally allowed to collect a car from the scene of an accident, but other issues might be easier to resolve than you think.

Cars without a MOT

A surprising number of Geordie drivers keep their cars sitting and doing nothing because they believe that they can't sell a car without a MOT in Newcastle Upon Tyne. If that sounds familiar, it's time to start thinking about what you'll spend your money on. We have made it easier than ever to sell your car for the best scrap metal prices in Newcastle even if it doesn't have a MOT.

With the high price of MOTs in the city, it's all too common to see drivers put off repairs, and that means cars are often left unsafe and illegal to drive. Remember, if your car doesn't have a valid MOT then you aren't allowed to use it on the road. That's why we will arrange free collection and make sure that you can get rid of that old banger quicker than ever.

Damaged cars and missing keys

If your car has been involved in a crash, but it hasn't been written off, you've probably thought about selling it. Of course, selling damaged cars in Newcastle is considerably harder than selling something that isn't covered in bumps, dents, and scratches. No matter how badly your car is damaged, and even if it no longer moves, you can still get fantastic prices when you scrap your car in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Even potentially problematic issues like losing your car keys aren't something to worry about. Simply let us know beforehand so that we have the tools needed to gain access to your car and we'll do the rest. Not only have we made it easier than ever to scrap your car in Newcastle Upon Tyne; we also do all of your paperwork for you. So even if your car has been declared as SORN, we make sure that you not only stay legally compliant but get paid the highest scrap metal prices in the city too.

Scrap car collection in Newcastle Upon Tyne

With free car collection, you get rid of your old car faster and much more easily. Never pay for your scrap car to be collected in Newcastle when we do everything for you.

Convenience at no extra cost

When you arrange scrap car collection in Newcastle Upon Tyne, you won't have to pay for the service. Let us know where your car is, and we take over. Although there does have to be someone there to meet us, it doesn't have to be the owner of the vehicle (although they will need the right paperwork). You plan the date and time of your collection, and we come and get that old car for you. When you arrange for free scrap collection in Newcastle Upon Tyne you can relax, because with no hidden charges and all of your paperwork done for you, all you have to do is plan what you're going to spend your extra cash on.

Must my car be on a public road? 

Although your vehicle doesn't have to be parked on a public road, it must be parked on stable ground. Our transport vehicles need to be able to access it too. Give us a call if you're not sure where to have it collected from. 

Scrap collection in Newcastle Upon Tyne doesn't have to be from your home. We know that cars can break down anywhere, so all you have to do is give us the postcode of where the car is parked, and we'll do everything else.

Scrap car collection in 3 simple steps

With our service, car scrapping collection is easy and can be done in just three simple steps.

arrange time
Arrange a time suitable for you
confirm partners
Our partners confirm the time
Your car gets collected

Average scrap car prices in Newcastle Upon Tyne

As one of the northern powerhouse cities, Newcastle Upon Tyne has a long history of some of the highest scrap metal prices in the north of the country. There are also a lot of scrap yards in and around the city, but they won't all pay you what your car is worth.

Average scrap car

We aim to give great prices

When it comes to the national average of scrap metal prices, Newcastle sits right in the middle of the spectrum. That makes it one of the best places in the UK to sell your old vehicle to car scrap merchants in Newcastle Upon Tyne. High demand from local businesses for recycled metal only boosts the prices higher, and there are fewer price fluctuations in the city than there is when you head further south. One of the reasons why has become the number one choice for those selling a vehicle and getting free scrap car collection in Newcastle Upon Tyne is because we monitor the current scrap metal prices in the city in real-time.

That means all of the scrap car merchants in Newcastle that are part of our network will always pay the current high market value of your old car.

All you have to do is use our quote calculator, find out how much your car is worth right now, and book your time in for collection. It really is that easy! Not only that, but because all of our car scrap merchants in Newcastle Upon Tyne are Authorised Treatment Facilities, you know that you're getting more money for your old car thanks to the potential recycling value. Once you've booked your collection time slot, you can even change it quickly and conveniently, meaning that we are always working to your schedule. And with immediate payments into your bank account, there's no waiting around for your cash either.

Average scrap car prices per vehicle in Newcastle Upon Tyne

In Newcastle Upon Tyne, with scrap metal prices for steel at an average price of £1.00 per kilo, and a typical car containing 770 kilograms of steel, an average price could be over £770. However, it depends on the make and model.

Ford focus
Ford Focus


Vauxhall Corsa
Vauxhall Corsa


Ford fiesta
Ford Fiesta


Peugeot 206
Peugeot 206


Volkswagen Golf
Volkswagen Golf


Vauxhall Astra
Vauxhall Astra


Renault Clio
Renault Clio


Volkswagen Polo
Volkswagen Polo


Nissan Micra
Nissan Micra


Toyota Yaris
Toyota Yaris


Honda Civic
Honda Civic


Fiat Punto
Fiat Punto


The benefits to car recycling in Newcastle Upon Tyne

Selling a car to our car scrap merchants in Newcastle Upon Tyne means more than just getting the right price and convenient service. We make sure that everything that can be recycled is recycled, and that means some additional benefits for you and your city.


Good for the environment  

Newcastle has won the coveted spot of the UK's Greenest City twice in a row, and that's not a surprise to its locals. Even the 929-acre Newcastle Town Moor is bigger than most of the big parks in London. The Newcastle Upon Tyne council have set rigorous targets for sustainable development, and Newcastle University is taking giant leaps forward to become a zero-carbon facility. As Geordies recycle more and more of their household waste, they are also looking at the use of landfills and the highly toxic emission of cars in the city. Old cars cause more pollution, and when you recycle a scrap car in Newcastle Upon Tyne, you are getting an old, environmentally harmful car off the roads while making it easier for other car owners to get access to parts that will make their own vehicles less environmentally damaging.


Protecting local wildlife

Despite being a major metropolitan centre, there's a remarkable amount of biodiversity in Newcastle. The council is proactively encouraging bee protection, and there is a constant breeding program for the 2500 Kittiwakes that live on the River Tyne. Bats are particularly prolific in the city and its surroundings as well, and the conservation efforts to protect them remain robust. Car recycling in Newcastle Upon Tyne means that you are doing your part to help protect those species. That's because when you don't recycle, and you use a scrap merchant in Newcastle that just uses a landfill, you are ensuring that maximum environmental harm is caused. Old cars can continue to cause damage to the environment long after you have sold it. The more that can be recycled, the better for the natural wildlife of the city, as well as to the soil health that would otherwise be damaged by leaking oil and antifreeze.


Using finite resources

Mining is both expensive and harmful to the environment, and that means added costs to local businesses that need essential materials. Steel mining, in particular, is costly and causes untold harm to local wildlife. As metals become scarcer, businesses find that they have to pay higher prices and look further afield for the materials that they need. By car recycling, in Newcastle Upon Tyne you are keeping those materials closer to the local businesses that need them. That means production costs are lower, jobs can be created, and the local wildlife is protected. So, when you use the car recyclers in Newcastle Upon Tyne that make up the network, you are ensuring that those local businesses have much lower costs. As we all become more aware that the planet's resources are not infinite, it's up to every resident of the city to do all that they can to make those resources work harder for those businesses that need them.


Jobs and the economy

Not only is Newcastle the greenest city in the UK, but it's also the smartest. Improved use of technology across the city has seen energy waste massively reduced, and innovation in the green sector is becoming commonplace. A smarter, greener city means a positive boost for the economy of Newcastle, and the high numbers of digital and tech jobs only grow as the city becomes cleaner and greener. With less waste being produced, there are fewer landfill costs too, and that means fewer costs for the council and more investment in the city. When old cars are sent straight to a landfill, they cost the city money and cause harm to the economy (and the environment). That's why car recycling in Newcastle Upon Tyne is so vital for the growth of the city.

Car scrap yards in Newcastle Upon Tyne

There are many scrap yards in Newcastle Upon Tyne, but not all of them are part of our expert network.

Why you should turn to us

You must use the right scrap yard so that you get the maximum price and the professional service you expect. All of the car breakers in Newcastle Upon Tyne who make up our extensive network are fully registered Authorised Treatment Facilities, and that means more than just getting the top prices for scrap metal and your old car. It also means that you won't leave yourself vulnerable to bad advice that might result in you breaking the law, such as by taking cash for your car rather than a bank transfer. From the free collection of your MOT-less or SORNEd car so you don't have to illegally drive it and getting the top professionals in the city will save you from a lot of potential issues.

None of the scrap yards in our extensive network will send your old car to landfill, so you know that you're getting the best prices from Newcastle Upon Tyne scrap yards, and you're helping the city too. Not only will you help the environment by recycling your car, but you also offer your fellow residents the opportunity to fix up their old car. This will make it safer for everyone, simply because they have access to all your spare parts. Going to a dealer who isn’t part of our network would see these perfectly good parts go to landfill. Don't settle for reduced prices and dodgy advice from scrap yards that aren't part of the network. Instead, sit back and relax as we make sure that you get the highest price for your scrapped car, do the paperwork, and pick up your car completely for free. After all, you deserve the best experience.