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The top 10 reasons why Reading residents scrap their cars

With over 162,000 residents and 66,000 households, the town of Reading is growing fast. Lying at the heart of the Thames Valley, Reading residents are finding out that scrapping their old cars has never been easier. Here are the top 10 reasons why locals are getting cash for scrap cars in Reading.


The running costs are too expensive  

Although the car insurance prices in Reading are some of the lowest in the country, those prices continue to steadily rise. The running costs of keeping a car in the town are also getting pricier, especially as parking a car in the centre is becoming more and more costly. It’s the running costs of keeping a car that are leading more local motorists to sell their cars to scrap metal dealers in Reading. Not only does it mean that they can then stop paying out for insurance, petrol, and parking charges, it also means that they are getting the top prices possible for their old vehicle. So if your bank account is constantly being drained by daily use of your car, it might be time to start thinking about what you could be doing with that money instead. More drivers than ever are getting high prices and a hassle-free sale with


The car has high fuel consumption  

Almost 30% of households in Reading do not have access to a car, so it’s perfectly possible to live in and around the town without needing personal transport. However, even those households that do have a car, the high number of people using public transport (or even walking) to get where they need to be suggests that many cars are simply being left at home. The problem is that the longer you leave a car or van unused, the more it deteriorates. The liquids in the engine will start to degrade, and even your battery will drain. So even if you suddenly need your car in an emergency, it might not even start! If you’ve realised that you’re still paying for car insurance and road tax on a car that’s left at home more often than not, it’s good to know that you can get a tax rebate and then sell that vehicle to the scrap metal dealers in Reading who pay the top prices in the country.


You find public transport preferable

It’s incredibly easy to get around Reading even if you don’t have a car. More than ever, local drivers are realising that they can get rid of their cars entirely and still have the same level of local mobility. The local bus service is incredibly comprehensive, covering the rural and urban parts of the town equally. On match days, when traffic congestion is at its highest, travelling by bus is much less stressful, especially when you’re on one of the many low-emission buses. The train service is excellent as well, with the central station being in a prime strategic location for the country’s rail network. You can get anywhere in the country, or the world, just using public transport in Reading, and that’s becoming a strong argument for those locals that are spending too much on their cars. By getting cash for scrap cars in Reading, locals are saving money on travel costs without hindering their ability to get where they need to go.


The car has failed its MOT

Although Reading is on the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to the number of MOT failures in the town, 31.8% of all vehicles still fail their vehicle test. Lighting issues are the main reason for MOT failure in Reading, but faulty electricals are all too common as well. Selling a car without an MOT used to be very problematic, but now it’s a very simple process for local vehicle owners. With our free car collection service, you can not only sell a car without an MOT in Reading, but you also don’t even have the stress of getting it to us. That’s because we provide a fully comprehensive vehicle collection service across the whole of Reading. That means you don’t have to worry about breaking the law by driving your car to a scrap yard, and can instead sit back and relax as we do all of your paperwork and pick your car up from wherever it’s parked.


You could use the money for other things

Reading is a town that is split into two. The difference between living in wealthy parts and more deprived parts of the town is stark. Abbey Ward, in particular, has high levels of debt, and for households that live in and around that area, money can be very tight indeed. When your weekly budget is already stretched to the limit having unexpected bills can become a huge source of stress. That’s even more true if you’re also having to keep a car on the road. It’s the need for emergency cash that is leading so many locals to contact scrap dealers in Reading because payments are made immediately. That means no hassle and none of the dire repercussions of getting a payday loan. Now, you can make quick cash from your old car in Reading, and you don’t even have to pay for collection either. Whether it’s to cover an unexpected bill or to help pay for Christmas, selling a scrap car is the smart option.


Your car’s no longer safe to drive      

Even the briefest look at the news headlines in Reading for the last year will reveal a huge number of dodgy car sellers passing on unsafe vehicles to unsuspecting locals. The MOT failure rate is also an indication that there are a lot of dangerous cars on the roads, and when those cars have to tackle the roads of Reading, it’s a recipe for disaster. The junction between George Street and the Vastern Road roundabout is already notoriously dangerous and made even more so by the high number of unsafe cars that have to use that stretch every day. All cars wear down over time, but every time that you get behind the wheel of a car with worn brakes, faulty electrics, or broken lights, you are making it more likely that you will be involved in an accident. Now, drivers are getting cash for scrap cars in Reading, and they are using that cash to invest in a car that’s safer and more reliable.


You want a hassle-free way of selling your car

Selling a car to a member of the general public is almost always a major hassle. Not only do you have to deal with multiple notifications from people asking ridiculous questions, but you also have to plan your entire day around the possibility of someone showing up who never bothers. Even if they do show up, then begins the negotiations, pointing out of every flaw in the hope of haggling the price down, or simply having to deal with people who aren’t even that interested in buying the vehicle. Talk about frustrating! The good news is that you can avoid all of that by using scrap dealers in Reading instead. Not only does this mean you avoid the car-buying public, but it also means that you get paid quickly, can have your car collected for free, and even have all of your paperwork done for you. If it’s a hassle-free sale you're looking for, then our scrap metal dealers in Reading are the answer you've been looking for.


Your car is very fuel inefficient    

When a car starts to age, it needs more petrol to make the same number of miles. There are a lot of old cars on the roads of Reading, and those old cars handle the high congestion rates of the town very poorly. Reading’s levels of congestion are very high for the size of the town, and with a 32% rating for congestion, that puts it level with Manchester! While it’s always frustrating to sit in traffic, it becomes even more so when you're burning through more petrol than you used to. Spending excessive amounts on just filling up your car is more than just annoying, it’s also a huge waste of money. It’s fuel-inefficiency worries that are causing more locals than ever to head to scrap metal dealers in Reading, where they get paid for their older, less fuel-efficient cars. They are then using the money that they get to buy more reliable vehicles, and many are even opting to invest in electric cars.


Your car is written off  

Rush hour in the morning is always busy anywhere in the UK, but Reading has to deal with huge numbers of people driving into and out of the town. Every day between 7am and 10am, up to 30,000 head into Reading, while 24,000 leave it. That's a lot of traffic all racing to get to where they need to be. With the junction of Vastern Road and George Street being voted the second most dangerous junction in the UK, it’s clear that the town will have regular car accidents. Being involved in any kind of vehicle collision is always a highly stressful event, and that’s made even worse if your car is damaged beyond repair. So it’s good to know that our Authorised Treatment Facilities not only buy damaged cars in Reading, they also buy and collect those cars that are so badly damaged that they won’t even start.


You’re looking for a part-exchange  

The high number of households in Reading that have access to a car or van means that buying and selling cars is a daily occurrence in the town. Part-exchanges are also common, but they are increasingly being viewed in a negative light. That’s because part-exchanging your old car means that you have little control over the car you're getting or the price you can expect from your old vehicle. Scrapping a car in Reading means not only knowing that you're going to get the real value of your car but also that you get immediate payments. Those payments go straight to your bank account, and that means local drivers can then head to car dealerships or private sellers with cash in their pockets and a lot more power to negotiate. When you can get quick cash for scrap cars in Reading, you have a much better idea of your budget, and that means being able to get a better new car in return.

Get an instant online price for your scrap car

Reading scrap metal & scrap car prices

The price of scrap metal in Reading is higher than the average prices in the rest of the UK. That means that when you sell a car for scrap, you get the advantage of higher prices.

Ferrous scrap metal per tonne

At £0.08 per kilo, steel always sells well. Iron is also priced high at the same price of £0.08 per kilo.

Oct `19Nov `19Dec `19Jan `20Feb `20Mar `20Apr `20May `20Jun `20Jul `20Aug `20Sep `20£0£10£20£30£40£50£60£70£80£90£100

Scrap metal prices by month

This month, stainless steel is in high demand at £0.70 per kilo, while aluminium is at £0.60 per kilo.

Change date range

Last 12 month
MonthPrice per tonne
October 2019£55.00
November 2019£70.00
December 2019£77.50
January 2020£87.50
February 2020£72.50
March 2020£55.00
April 2020£50.00
May 2020£55.00
June 2020£67.50
July 2020£70.00
August 2020£82.50
September 2020£91.00

The types of cars we scrap in Reading

Motorists in Reading contact us every day to find out if they can legally sell their cars for scrap. So if you're wondering if your car is worth any money, here’s what you need to know.

Cars without an MOT

With more than 30% of all cars in Reading failing their MOT, one of the most frequently asked questions we see is whether or not it's possible to sell a car without an MOT in Reading. There’s a lot of confusion about whether or not you can drive a car without an MOT, and it's that confusion that makes many Reading locals certain that they can’t sell their car if it fails its latest MOT. So it’s good to know that not only has it never been easier to sell a car without an MOT in Reading, you also know that you're going to get the top prices in the town as well. Our free collection service means that you don’t even have to stress about getting your car to one of our scrap yards. Simply let us know when you want your car picked up from, and we do everything else.

Proof of ownership

When you go to sell a car but you can’t find your logbook, it immediately becomes more challenging to find a buyer.

One of the reasons why the network of scrap dealers in Reading are proving so popular is because we do all of your official paperwork for you. So even if you’ve lost your V5C, or it’s been stolen after some Friday night vehicle vandalism, we’ll communicate with the DVLA so that you get all of the replacement documents you need to be able to sell your car safely and legally. When you have all of your essential documentation gathered and filled out by us, you get paid when you sell a car in Reading without any of the stress and strain of trying to do everything yourself. From lost logbooks to lost keys, it’s easier than ever to scrap your car in Reading.

Damaged cars and SORN

If you’ve declared your car as SORN, then you can’t legally drive it on the road. That makes it very challenging to sell. The alternative is to pay to have the SORN removed and then go through the selling process again. If you've declared your car as SORN just because you’re finding that you don’t use it as much or because it’s been seriously damaged in a vehicle collision, it’s useful to know that the car can still be sold for high prices. No matter the condition, you can scrap your car in Reading and walk away with your immediate payment.

Scrap car collection in Reading

One of the top reasons why local motorists come to us is because of our free car collection in Reading. Our hassle-free approach to buying scrap cars means the highest levels of convenience to you.

From quote to collection

You should never pay to have your car collected when you're selling it to local scrap metal dealers. Far too many will try to put a charge on the cost of scrap collection in Reading, and some will even hide the cost of removals in amongst a bunch of terms and conditions. We offer a transparent pricing strategy, so from the moment that you get your instant quote to the moment you get paid, you know exactly how much money your car is worth. That total will be the amount that you receive. So when your car is collected for free, you know you’re not missing out on any potential cash. When it comes to free scrap car collection in Reading, we simply can’t be beaten.

Where does your car need to be?

Your car will have to be accessible to our transportation team, and that means stable ground. Other than that, your car can be parked anywhere, public road or not, at home or not. Our teams in Reading can collect your car from any location, and all you have to do is tell us where it is and let us do the rest. If you have any queries about how your car’s location will affect free car collection in Reading, simply get in touch and we can go through the options.

Scrap car collection in 3 simple steps

For a hassle-free experience, when you want to scrap your car, follow our 3 steps.

arrange time
Arrange a time suitable for you
confirm partners
Our partners confirm the time
Your car gets collected

Average scrap car prices in Reading

Being a major transport hub to the rest of the country, and with links to everywhere in the world, scrap metal prices in Reading are consistently higher than you might expect. How much you will get for your car will depend on a variety of factors.

Average scrap car

Make and Model

Some cars will have more value than others. Rarer cars with multiple parts that can be reused will be worth more money, but any car with reusable parts will generate a higher price. The size and weight of the car will also play a significant part in how much you’ll get when you scrap a car in the town, but with the car scrap prices in Reading being so consistent, you know that you’ll be getting the top prices possible. All of the scrap yards that make up the professional network continuously monitor the changing value of scrap metal, and that’s why we always pay the highest car scrap prices in Reading.

Get an instant quote

We have made it ridiculously easy to find out how much your old car is worth.

Just head to our instant quotes page, tap in a few details about your vehicle, and we’ll use the best scrap yards in Reading to make sure that you get the highest price possible. Even if your car has been seriously damaged or you've lost your keys, we make sure that the price you're quoted is the price you get and all with free car collection thrown in too. Local motorists are learning just how much their cars are really worth to the professional car scrap merchants in Reading, and benefiting from our industry expertise and modern approach to customer service. Never accept less than the real value of your car, and don’t expose yourself to risks by using scrap yards that are not part of the network. Those scrap yards will always try to pay less than your car is worth, and they’ll usually charge you for car collection too.

Average scrap car prices per vehicle in Reading

Never settle for less by using our instant quote to get value for money for your car no matter its condition.

Ford focus
Ford Focus


Vauxhall Corsa
Vauxhall Corsa


Ford fiesta
Ford Fiesta


Peugeot 206
Peugeot 206


Volkswagen Golf
Volkswagen Golf


Vauxhall Astra
Vauxhall Astra


Renault Clio
Renault Clio


Volkswagen Polo
Volkswagen Polo


Nissan Micra
Nissan Micra


Toyota Yaris
Toyota Yaris


Honda Civic
Honda Civic


Fiat Punto
Fiat Punto


The benefits to car recycling in Reading

Reading is a major commercial centre as well as being a significant retail and leisure destination. The night-time economy is thriving, too, so the city that was once famous for the three Bs of beer, bulbs, and biscuits is now enjoying a more modern reputation. It’s that evolution that makes recycling your old car so important.


Good for the environment  

Reading is experiencing a high rate of economic growth, and one of the challenges for the local council is ensuring that the environment is looked after and protected while that growth happens. With plenty of green spaces, woodlands, grasslands, and parks in and around Reading, it’s more important than ever that those spaces are preserved. The problem is that many scrap yards in Reading are not Authorised Treatment Facilities. That means they are just as likely to send your car to a landfill, which causes untold harm to the local environment. The oils, fuel, and even the antifreeze will just drip into the soil, and the metal or plastic parts of your car will just continue to cause pollution for many years. There are many key challenges facing Reading and its local environment, and you can help face those challenges when you use car recyclers in Reading.


Protecting local wildlife

It tends to surprise locals to find out that Reading has a strong reputation when it comes to biodiversity. From the centre of the town to the rural edges, there are thousands of different species of birds, reptiles, mammals, and invertebrates. Those include the red kite, otters, deer, and bats. As a result of that biodiversity, the Reading 2050 Vision scheme was launched, with some strong targets to meet that will make the town’s rivers and parks more viable. The goal is for Reading to become a city, and by protecting local wildlife (even the wolves that you’ll find at the UK Wolf Conservation Trust), you are helping to make those city dreams come closer to reality. When landfills destroy natural habitats and cause the deaths of so many unique animals, using car recyclers in Reading means helping to protect the natural world around the town.


Using finite resources

With its ambitions of becoming a city, Reading has set out a series of targets that, hopefully, allow the growth of the town to continue. The goal is to become a green and self-reliant city that has what’s been called a ‘self-reliant system of circular metabolism.” In order to meet this goal, it's essential that local resources are recycled and reused by local companies. By avoiding the need to have raw materials shipped into the town, that self-sustaining city is very much within reach. It’s clear that Reading has big plans for the future, and by car recycling in Reading, you are ensuring that local businesses have access to cheaper resources that limit the need for shipping and mining. As the town slowly grows, becoming a city is not as far out of reach as it once was. Now, you can help play your part in Reading’s future by using the network of Authorised Treatment Facilities when you scrap a car in Reading.


Jobs and the economy    

Reading has a long history in the IT sector, and the town has appeared on more than one list of the best places to make a living. Even big-name firms like Microsoft have bases in the town! IT, energy and renewables, and biotech/biopharma are the fastest growing business sectors in Reading, and by recycling your scrap car, you aren’t just keeping much-needed materials in the town, you're also ensuring that those big tech brands have access to cheaper resources. That translates into more work, faster business growth, and the job creation that comes with both. So when you scrap a car in Reading, you’re helping to reduce the number of people looking for work, and giving the economy a boost by avoiding the costly use of landfill sites. That’s why using only Authorised Treatment Facilities that prioritise recycling is so essential if you want Reading to continue its stellar economic growth.

Car scrap yards in Reading

While there aren’t many scrap yards in the centre of Reading, there are still a high number on the outskirts and in the rural communities that make up the greater Reading area. However, not all of those scrap yards are the same.

The importance of using professionals

Thanks to the high prices of scrap metal in Reading, it’s no wonder that there are so many yards waiting to buy your old car. Unfortunately, many of those yards are not professional, and many aren’t even registered as Authorised Treatment Facilities. That means they are just as likely to send your entire car to a landfill site! Using professionals who understand how important it is to dispose of a car correctly, and who will always be monitoring the current price fluctuations of scrap metal, means that you get more cash for your scrap car. However, you will also have the satisfaction that you are doing your part for Reading’s growth.

When you add your details to our quotes calculator, you’ll have an immediate idea of what your car is worth.

We will then check the car breakers in Reading that are closest to you, only using those that are part of our network. Collection times are then confirmed with you, and your car is collected. It’s really that easy, and you know that you're only getting the top prices when you use our car breakers in Reading. You’re not going to get to the final part of the collection service only to find that there are hidden fees or a sudden change of heart that leads to last-minute haggling over price. The price you're quoted is the amount that will get sent to your bank account. Never use a scrap yard in Reading who offers to pay you cash-in-hand. This has been illegal since 2013, and it is still surprisingly common. Using means working with experts who want you to have the most hassle-free and profitable experience possible when selling your car for scrap in Reading.