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The top 10 reasons why Watford residents scrap their cars

Sitting right on the edge of the Chiltern Hills and just 14 miles from London's north-west, Watford is a unique town. Currently, Watford is home to 96,800 residents, and that means a lot of different reasons why locals are selling their cars to the best scrap metal dealers in Watford. Here are the top 10 reasons.


The running costs are too expensive  

Car insurance in Watford is partially higher than it should be only because there are more insurance claims in the town than anywhere else in the UK. For every 1000 queries about making a car insurance claim in Watford, 56.08 actually get finalised. This means that very few of the locals that live in Watford can benefit from the reduction in premium prices that you get with a no-claims bonus. While keeping a car is rarely inexpensive, it becomes even more so in Watford due to the high levels of congestion on Woodmere Avenue in the north of the borough. That means locals are spending more time stuck in traffic and burning fuel just to be getting nowhere. To prevent continued spending on an old car, more drivers than ever are selling their old vehicles to scrap metal dealers in Watford and saving themselves a fortune while earning some quick cash.


You're getting too old to drive  

Currently, the town is made up of 21.2% of residents who are over 60, and that means a lot of drivers use the roads and their car while not being in the best of health. While age itself isn't generally something that will negatively affect your driving ability, the repercussion of health issues or late-age surgeries can. So drivers who are realising that their eyesight isn't as good as it used to be, or who realise that they are struggling to remain focused when driving, are selling their cars to our scrap metal dealers in Watford. They are sticking instead to alternative means of transport and using the money they get from selling their car to spend on something a lot more fun instead. If health issues are affecting your driving ability, it's good to know that you can make some quick cash from your old car.


You find public transport preferable

Thanks to the impressive public transport network, 20% of all households in the town have no access to a car. The number of public transport users in the town rises every year and recently saw 19.5% of all work commutes travelled on the local buses. In 2001, that was just 5.4%. Even walking is on the rise, and Watford has one of the highest rates of people recorded as walking to work with 13.2% of locals preferring to stretch their legs than use a vehicle. Watford is not a large town in terms of area, so the average journey length is just 6.3 miles. So, it's no surprise to find that such a high proportion of the town decide to sell their cars to our scrap metal dealers in Watford and don't use that money to buy another car. Instead, they are catching trains and buses, saving money, and getting more miles for their cash.


The car has failed its MOT

Across the whole of the UK, the average failure rate for cars going for their MOT is 35%. In Watford, that stat is a little lower, with the majority of cars passing their tests at a rate of 32.5%. The problem is that a lot of locals in the town are driving cars that were registered in 2001, and that sees the chances of failing an MOT go up to a terrifying 51.5%. That's an unfortunate reality for too many local motorists, who watch as more than half of all cars don't just suddenly need repairs, they also can't be used daily until those repairs are done. While it used to be very challenging to sell a car without an MOT in Watford, we have made the process as quick and as stress-free as it can be. We even come to you to collect your car, and we don't charge you for collection either.


You could use the money for other things

Although the employment rate for Watford is around 72.2%, the fact is that there are several areas in the town where income deprivation is all too common. Watford comes fifth on a list of the most deprived areas of Hertfordshire, and that means a lot of residents have to be very careful with their spending. That becomes a lot more challenging at Christmas, or when an unexpected bill drops through the letterbox. Finding a way to get access to some fast emergency money has always been difficult, but locals in the town realise that they can get cash for scrap cars in Watford. They are benefiting from fast payments made straight into bank accounts, and not having to deal with the stresses of payday loans. If you need some quick cash for any reason, are paying locals the top prices for their cars and making immediate payments.


Scrap a car if it's not being used

Although 80% of all households in Watford have at least one car, the fact that the use of public transport increases every year means that a lot of those cars aren't being used. Instead, they are sitting on driveways, in garages, or parked on the road for much longer than they should be. The longer that you don't use a car, the more it degrades. Tyres get flat and develop flat spots, batteries drain, and the liquids in your car will start to degrade the interior. All of this means that your car's value will depreciate, increasing the likelihood that the car won't be safe to drive even when you do decide to use it. You also need to keep on paying road tax and insurance. That's a colossal waste of money on a car you don't drive. Getting cash for scrap cars in Watford means no more spending and quick payment.


Your car is very fuel inefficient

It is expected that by 2023 there will be a 19.7% increase in traffic volume in Watford. That's due to high levels of vehicle ownership and a growing population. While that's great for the economy of the town, the fact is that because so many 20-year old cars are owned and used in Watford, there's going to be a lot more air pollution. All cars degrade as they age, and one of the first signs that your car has become too old is when you're spending more than you used to on petrol just to make the same trips. As the roads look set to become even more congested, that's going to mean a lot more time spent sitting in traffic, burning up expensive fuel but going nowhere. Instead of wasting money on more fuel every time they fill up, locals are selling their old cars to the top scrap metal dealers in Watford. 


You're going electric

Watford has more electric cars than anywhere else in Hertfordshire. Between 2015 and 2019, the number of electric vehicles registered in the town went through the roof, and the result is a comprehensive charging network, making it cheaper for locals to fuel-up and get where they need to be. Electric vehicles (EVs) are gradually on the rise across the whole of the UK, but Watford is one of the leading towns in the country for encouraging the change to electric. It makes sense, simply because an EV is cheaper to run, safer to drive, less expensive to maintain, and helps to protect the environment. So whatever your reasons for considering making the change to an EV, you can now sell your fossil-fuel guzzling old vehicle for top prices, and use the money that you get from our scrap dealers in Watford to put towards a newer, safer vehicle that won't be as expensive to keep.


Your car is written off  

Drivers in Watford are particularly accident-prone. That's why the town has the highest number of car insurance claims in the entire UK. That doesn't just mean that the cost of car insurance is particularly high, it also means that you are very likely to be involved in a collision of some kind in Watford. With some seemingly aggressive accident blackspots and the promise of more traffic on the roads over the next few tears, it's clear that traffic accidents are not going anywhere anytime soon. When you have a car accident, and the damage is too extensive to be worth paying for repairs, locals are finding that not only can they get cash from our scrap dealers in Watford, but that old wreck can even be collected for free as well. Don't assume that just because a car doesn't start, or you've lost the keys that it isn't worth high prices in Watford.


You want a hassle-free way of selling your car  

Even though Watford has been voted the happiest place in the east of England and the 14th happiest town in the whole of the UK, you probably won't feel the benefits of that happiness when you're trying to sell a car in Watford. That's because, no matter how happy and friendly a town might be, the British public are renowned for being nightmare car buyers. They don't show up after you've waited in all day, or they're so determined not to get ripped off that they won't leave until they get a car for free. Local drivers are finding out just how easy it is to sell their cars to scrap dealers in Watford. Those motorists are finding that immediate payments, free car collection planned around your schedule, and no last-minute haggling means a hassle-free way of making some quick money.

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Watford scrap metal & scrap car prices

Being one of the significant connection hubs in the south of England means some high scrap metal prices in Watford.

Ferrous scrap metal per tonne

Currently selling at £1520 per tonne, Steel is in high demand. Iron is also selling well right now at £830 per tonne.

Oct `19Nov `19Dec `19Jan `20Feb `20Mar `20Apr `20May `20Jun `20Jul `20Aug `20Sep `20£0£10£20£30£40£50£60£70£80£90£100

Scrap metal prices by month

This month, stainless steel is at a price peak, so expect £150 per tonne. Aluminium is also in demand, with a price currently set at £660 per tonne.

Change date range

Last 12 month
MonthPrice per tonne
October 2019£55.00
November 2019£70.00
December 2019£77.50
January 2020£87.50
February 2020£72.50
March 2020£55.00
April 2020£50.00
May 2020£55.00
June 2020£67.50
July 2020£70.00
August 2020£82.50
September 2020£91.00

The types of cars we scrap in Watford

Do you think that there's something so wrong with your car that you can't sell it? We get a lot of queries from customers who think that something is preventing them from selling their cars to scrap yards in Watford. Here's what you need to know.

Selling a car declared as SORN

There are certain times when you can't legally drive a car. One of those times is when you declare a car as SORN. This Statutory Off-Road Notification is excellent for when you know that you're not going to be using your car for a while because it means you can stop paying road tax and car insurance on it. Unfortunately, if you decide to sell a car with a SORN on it, you can't drive it to a buyer. Rather than breaking the law, we offer free car collection that means you don't have to worry about getting your SORNed car where it needs to be.

Cars without an MOT

There are a lot of cars in Watford that have either failed their MOT or are about to. Lack of a valid MOT is another one of those reasons when you're not allowed to use a car on a public road apart from in some particular circumstances. A common misconception is that you aren't legally allowed to sell a car without an MOT, but that's very much not the case. 

You might not be allowed to drive it, and a private buyer might not be able to drive it away, but at we have made it a quick, easy, and profitable process to sell a car without an MOT in Watford. So if you're worried about how you're going to pay for the repairs that will get your car to at least scrape through its next MOT, it's good to know that you have alternative options.

Proof of ownership

Every scrap yard in the UK has to have a valid proof of ownership before they can pay you for your old car. In the vast majority of cases, this is not a problem because you simply show your logbook (V5) and carry on. Problems start to arise if you've lost your logbook. That can suddenly make it much more challenging to get paid for a car that you can't prove you own. Locals in Watford are benefitting from our industry experience and training because we are helping them to source alternative means of car ownership proof. In some cases, where there are no additional ways to prove that you own the car, we can even liaise directly with the DVLA and fill out all of your replacement paperwork too. It's never been easier to sell a car in Watford for top prices and with maximum convenience.

Scrap car collection in Watford

When locals recommend to their friends, family, and work colleagues, it's not just because we pay the top scrap metal prices in Watford. Our free car collection service makes selling your car to scrap yards in Watford a whole new level of convenience.

Set your collection time

One of the reasons why our free scrap car collection in Watford is so highly valued is because we plan everything around you. If you have days that you can't take off work, or you don't want to waste a day in lieu just to wait around for hours for a buyer that doesn't show up, we've got you covered. We do scrap car removal in Watford seven days a week, and we collect your car when you want it collected. Pick your collection date and time, confirm it on the day, and we do the rest. It couldn't be easier or more convenient.

No risk selling

If you'd like to take advantage of our free scrap car collection in Watford, there are a few factors that need to be considered. The first is that your car is parked on stable ground and that our recovery vehicles can access it. However, your car doesn't have to be parked at your home address, and it doesn't even have to be parked on a public road. All you have to do is let us know where it is when you get your instant quote, and we do everything else.

Scrap car collection in 3 simple steps

It takes just three quick and easy steps to have your car collected in Watford for free.

arrange time
Arrange a time suitable for you
confirm partners
Our partners confirm the time
Your car gets collected

Average scrap car prices in Watford

The south of England is well-known for having high scrap metal prices and being so close to London means that Watford benefits from some of the highest scrap metal prices in the UK. That means locals are finding out that their old cars might be worth a lot more than they thought.

Average scrap car

The top prices for scrap metal in Watford

Watford is currently going through a rapid period of high growth, with regeneration and investment in the town at an all-time high. That's great news if you're planning to sell a car to our scrap yards in Watford. We don't calculate the value of your car on the best guess, because all of the scrap yards that make up the network have access to our real-time monitoring data of local and national scrap metal prices. That means you always get the top value of your car, and always benefit from the highest prices for scrap metal in Watford.

Make and model

While it's the weight of your car that will always play the most significant part in determining its value, it's not the only factor. Make, and model is also essential because we recycle as much of your car as possible. That means your car may be worth more than the just basic weight of it. Rare cars, or cars that are exceptionally popular in the town will have a higher level of demand for cheap spare parts, and that means your car is worth more. Even if your car is part of a fleet, or it's only recently been registered in the UK, we make sure that we only ever pay the best price to scrap a car in Watford.

Average scrap car prices per vehicle in Watford

Not sure how much to expect when selling your car to our scrap yards in Watford? All you have to do is head to our instant quotes page, type in a few details about your vehicle, and get your quote. If you're happy with the price (and we think you will be), you then just book your free car collection, and we do the rest.

Ford focus
Ford Focus


Vauxhall Corsa
Vauxhall Corsa


Ford fiesta
Ford Fiesta


Peugeot 206
Peugeot 206


Volkswagen Golf
Volkswagen Golf


Vauxhall Astra
Vauxhall Astra


Renault Clio
Renault Clio


Volkswagen Polo
Volkswagen Polo


Nissan Micra
Nissan Micra


Toyota Yaris
Toyota Yaris


Honda Civic
Honda Civic


Fiat Punto
Fiat Punto


The benefits to car recycling in Watford

Just 14 miles away from the north-west of London and nestled on the edge of the Chiltern Hills, Watford is surprisingly rural. The twin rivers of Colne and Gade provide an abundance of wildlife, and locals are enjoying a huge rate of economic development. It's the town's rapid growth that makes recycling a car in Watford so important. When you scrap a car in Watford with, you get some additional recycling benefits that you might not have considered.


Good for the environment  

Watford has massively transformed its environmental awareness. Household recycling is much higher at 45.1%, and the local green spaces have been awarded twelve Green Flags. The current environmental action plan devised by the council in 2013 still has some way to go, but the quality of the green spaces that are abundant in Watford has dramatically improved. Watford may be a very urban borough, but it still has an abundance of wildlife havens and nature reserves. With biodiversity so crucial in the town, recycling your car in Watford is vital if those green spaces are to be protected. If your car is just scrapped, then it will continue to harm the environment, with harmful emissions continuing and dangerous liquids destroying the local soil. That's why using professional scrap yards who prioritise car recycling in Watford is so essential.


Protecting local wildlife

With its abundance of parks, woodlands, allotments, and nature reserves, there are a lot of plant and animal species that call Watford their home. There is a lot of rare wildlife across Hertfordshire, and Watford alone is home to rare grasshoppers, orchids, and butterflies. That doesn't even include the full range of mammals that locals can spot at any time. Protecting those species is of vital importance, especially as everyone starts to take a closer look at their own environmental impact. We only partner with scrap yards in Watford who are Authorised Treatment Facilities, so you know that every member of the team has the training and experience to dispose of your old car safely. When you recycle a car in Watford with us, you aren't just getting the top prices. 


A boost for the economy

As the unemployment rate drops in Watford, the economy benefits in a variety of ways. More locals have more disposable income, and that means more local businesses with money going through their tills. However, it's not just local businesses that benefit from recycling a car in Watford with If you use a scrap yard that isn't a part of our network, then you increase the chances that your old car will just be crushed and sent to a landfill site. For every tonne of waste that the council has to send to a landfill, they have to pay high rates of Landfill Tax. That means less money that can be spent on improving the borough. On a smaller scale, locals that can access spare parts for their cars from our scrap yards in Watford will have more money to spend elsewhere. So, recycling a car in Watford means economic benefits at every level and for every local.


Job creation and employment benefits

Watford is a central employment hub for the whole of Hertfordshire, and the town provides jobs for around 54,000 people. Although its history is largely based in the printing and brewing industries, it has come a long way. Now, it is a strong base for a wide range of business sectors, including banking, IT, and financial services. The film, leisure, and tourism sectors are also seeing huge growth. The result of this growth is that unemployment figures are steadily falling, and the town now has some of the lowest numbers of unemployed residents in the UK. When you recycle a car in Watford, rather than just sending it to landfill, you are ensuring that the town can maintain that rapid rate of growth.

Car scrap yards in Watford

Being so close to London and having such high scrap metal prices means that there are more than a few scrap yards in the borough. The problem is that many of those yards lack experience and training.

Authorised Treatment Facilities

We have spent years building a national network of the best scrap yards in the whole of the UK. Every member of the network is an officially recognised Authorised Treatment Facility, which means that recycling is always a priority. However, it's not just the economic and environmental protection that our customers value. Thanks to our continued monitoring of the latest scrap metal prices in Watford, you know that you're always going to get paid the highest possible price for your old car. Not only that but our focus on recycling and reusing as much of your car as possible means even higher possible prices. So from the best scrap metal prices in Watford to the fact that we don't rely on guesswork when it comes to your instant quote, locals in the town are heading to our salvage yards in Watford and benefiting from our high prices and industry experience.

A professional service

If you make the mistake of using a scrap yard in Watford that isn't part of the network, then you are exposing yourself to several potential risks. That's because, in the vast majority of cases, those yards will offer bad advice and low prices. Sometimes, they lack even a basic understanding of the law, and so they'll offer you a cash-in-hand payment for your old car because they either don't know or don't care that this is illegal. We make it easy to sell a car in Watford for the best price, because we can help you every step of the way. Even if your car has been badly damaged, you've lost your keys, or you can't find your V5, we know exactly how to get things done.